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Scholarship Essay - Get Connected to Education

The following is a guest post by Samantha Forte.  Samantha is a senior at Waldwick High School who is a finalists in a national scholarship contest sponsored by . I was so proud of her essay I wanted to share it with everyone in the Waldwick community as well as my PLN.   I hope you find sometime to vote for her.  This is being posted with her permission.  

*To vote for her Essay go to:  Her essay is titled "Get Connected to Education"

Get Connected to Education
Every student is a wealth of knowledge, fervently waiting to grow and be harvested, each with the individual need to be nurtured to his or her fullest potential. But just as the conditions for sewing seeds evolve over time, so does the pedigree of our educational system. Traditionally, high school curriculums have their roots in wordy textbooks, monotonous lectures, and mind-numbing tests and quizzes; however as time progresses and technology advances, students are becoming mor…



DIANA PETRASSI - ATHLETICS Diana is the captain of the softball team and has made the coaching transition a completely seamless one.  She is a remarkable leader and teammate; the girls all look up to her and so do the coaches.  The example Diana sets for her younger teammates is exemplary. PAUL SKORSKI & STEVEN ZEOLI - TV PRODUCTION In the subject of TV Production these students possess not just one skill but a variety of talents. Paul and Steve have done a fantastic job in their host roles for Wake Up Waldwick this year.  Both students also display an enthusiasm for producing videos, that entertain and inform our community and beyond. Steve and Paul are also gifted in the areas of camera work, editing and coming up with creative ideas.  Beyond these talents both students serve as leaders in the classroom and on the crew of Wake Up Waldwick.  JESSEY MICHAELS - PHYSICAL EDUCATION Jessey is an exceptional student.  He exhibits great sport…