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"Movember Event" @ Waldwick

Guest Post by: Josh Sussman (@WMS_Counselor
Waldwick Middle School Guidance Counselor

Spirit Week 2012 - Theme Day

The student body did a great job today dressing up and decorating the halls for the class Theme Day.  

Seniors- Las Vegas Juniors- New York City Sophomores- New Orleans Freshman- Hollywood

To my Students - #YOUMATTER

Waldwick HS Band & Color Guard

This weekend the Waldwick High School Marching Band and Color Guard competed in the Midland Park HS band competition and both had great performances.  The Band placed second in their division and the Color Guard earned first place.   Great Job!!!

Congratulations to all the Band and Color Guard members and the coaches.  

September - Students of the Month


World Language
Sal Orsino - Sal is a dedicated and responsible Senior.  He is comfortable taking risks with the language, enjoys learning new things and is participates actively in Spanish class.  His teacher, Ms. Monell, sees him learning more of the language next year in college and also traveling abroad to broaden his cultural experience. Congratulations to Sal on his accomplishments in Spanish and beyond.
Technology: Joe Hurban - Joe a Junior currently enrolled in Design and Engineering and CAD II. He is at the top of his class no matter what class he enters.  His work shows that he has a genuine interest and a desire to do his best.  He always turns in his work on time and complete.  In CAD I he advanced ahead of his class and finished the year competing in a state design competition.  CAD I students don't normally compete; however, Joe was up to the challenge.  His biggest asset is that he can think for himself and he is a…

Naviance Parent Program/Workshop

As many of you are aware, Waldwick High School is a paperless school and we are using the email feature in Naviance to communicate with parents on a regular basis. We have embraced technology over the last few years in order to operate in a more efficient manner. We will continue to utilize the technology that is available in order to meet the goals we set forth for our student body.
One of the tools we have utilized to assist us in this endeavor is Naviance Family Connection. The purpose of this letter is to invite high school parents to our Naviance Parent Program/Workshop (evening or morning session), which will be held on OCTOBER 11, 2012. The evening session will be held at 6:30pm in the Media Center. A morning session is also scheduled, for those parents that may find it more convenient to come to the school during the school day. The morning session will be held during period 1, starting at 8:15am in the Media Center.
High School counselors will be on hand to provide a short pre…