Tuesday, October 23, 2012

"Movember Event" @ Waldwick

Guest Post by: Josh Sussman (@WMS_Counselor
Waldwick Middle School Guidance Counselor

Gentleman of the Waldwick Community,

As you may have noticed, October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.   By wearing pink, there is increased awareness of this disease while funds continue to be raised.  

What many people do not know, is the month of November is dedicated to men’s health issues, specifically prostate and testicular cancer.  In order to raise awareness of these diseases, I am suggesting we join the Movember Movement and GROW MUSTACHES for the month of November. 

I have created a Waldwick Warriors Page and hope to get as many students and faculty members as possible to join.  Registration is free, and if you have any issues please let me know.  You do not need to participate in order to donate, and friends and family are welcome to join our team as well, it is open to the public.  

*Information about the Movember Movement:  http://us.movember.com/  
*An overview of the charity is found below---and I am including a link to display where all of the donations go..   
*Lastly, you can find our team page here:  http://us.movember.com/team/449897

Please shoot me an email or stop by if you are interested in joining and becoming one of my Mo Bros.  

--Josh Sussman 

During November each year, Movember is responsible for the sprouting of moustaches on thousands of men’s faces, in the US and around the world. With their Mo's, these men raise vital awareness and funds for men's health issues, specifically prostate and testicular cancer initiatives.

Once registered at www.movember.com, men start Movember 1st clean shaven. For the rest of the month, these selfless and generous men, known as Mo Bros, groom, trim and wax their way into the annals of fine moustachery. Supported by the women in their lives, Mo Sistas, Movember Mo Bros raise funds by seeking out sponsorship for their Mo-growing efforts.

Mo Bros effectively become walking, talking billboards for the 30 days of November. Through their actions and words they raise awareness by prompting private and public conversation around the often ignored issue of men’s health.

Where does the money go????  --- http://us.movember.com/about/money/

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Spirit Week 2012 - Theme Day

The student body did a great job today dressing up and decorating the halls for the class Theme Day.  

Seniors- Las Vegas
Juniors- New York City
Sophomores- New Orleans
Freshman- Hollywood

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

To my Students - #YOUMATTER

Take the time to reflect and evaluate what is reality or perception in the world around you!   

Some quick background
On Monday, October 8th, an email was sent to the entire student body with information related to the opening of the Genesis Student Portal.   It was my understanding that the email contained the user name and password to access Genesis.  Only today did I find out (by a student) that the original email did not contain any password information.   We fixed the issue and you should have received another email today with all the information you needed to access the Genesis Student Portal.

I have to say I was taken back that a whole week went by and not one student came forward to point out the error or ask, “What is my password because it was not in the email”.   

I then started to reflect as a leader and asked myself a few questions:

Do all my students feel comfortable asking me questions or giving me their opinion? 
Why did no one say anything? 
What can I do to create better two-way communication with my students?

After taking some time to reflect, I still believe I have a developed some great relationships with most of the student body, but there are areas to improve on.   To accomplish this, I plan on spending a lot less time in my office, which will give me more time to interact and engage students in conversation.   These are things I have always done, but it never hurts to spend some time refocusing and prioritizing what your "Core" values really are.    

I want each and every student at Waldwick High School to know:

Your Opinions/Thoughts/Concerns all matters to ME
I am never too busy to stop and listen to what you have to say
My door and Inbox is always open

“Things which matter most must never be at the mercy of things that matter least”
                                                                                    Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

In the end, as an administrator nothing is more important than building effective relationships with my students, staff and parents. 

To all my students #YOUMATTER

This post was inspired by the Leadership 2.0 series – ACollaborative Learning Opportunity for School Leaders.  The Leadership 2.0 series was put together by George Couros and I would highly recommend current leaders, new leaders and aspiring leaders take advantage of this amazing open course.    Tonight (10/16/12) at 7pm log on to session three, Embodying Visionary Leadership and the speaker will be Chris Smeaton (@cdsmeaton).  Sessions one and two provided great insight and knowledge shared by George Couros (@gcourus) Jeff Delp (@azjd).  

What are your core values as a school leader?  What ways do you build relationships with your students?  

Monday, October 8, 2012

Waldwick HS Band & Color Guard

This weekend the Waldwick High School Marching Band and Color Guard competed in the Midland Park HS band competition and both had great performances.  The Band placed second in their division and the Color Guard earned first place.   Great Job!!!

Congratulations to all the Band and Color Guard members and the coaches.  

Thursday, October 4, 2012

September - Students of the Month


World Language
Sal Orsino - Sal is a dedicated and responsible Senior.  He is comfortable taking risks with the language, enjoys learning new things and is participates actively in Spanish class.  His teacher, Ms. Monell, sees him learning more of the language next year in college and also traveling abroad to broaden his cultural experience. Congratulations to Sal on his accomplishments in Spanish and beyond.

Joe Hurban - Joe a Junior currently enrolled in Design and Engineering and CAD II. He is at the top of his class no matter what class he enters.  His work shows that he has a genuine interest and a desire to do his best.  He always turns in his work on time and complete.  In CAD I he advanced ahead of his class and finished the year competing in a state design competition.  CAD I students don't normally compete; however, Joe was up to the challenge.  His biggest asset is that he can think for himself and he is ambitious.

Sabrina Forte – Sabrina is a Sophomore tennis player.  She is a dedicated athlete who takes both her schoolwork and her sports very seriously and demonstrates the qualities of good sportsmanship.  Sabrina recently achieved the second round in the County tournament at third singles and when playing Saddle River Day, Sabrina beat her opponent 7-5, (tie break 7-4).  She remained cool, calm and collected on the court.  

Monday, October 1, 2012

Naviance Parent Program/Workshop

As many of you are aware, Waldwick High School is a paperless school and we are using the email feature in Naviance to communicate with parents on a regular basis. We have embraced technology over the last few years in order to operate in a more efficient manner. We will continue to utilize the technology that is available in order to meet the goals we set forth for our student body.   

One of the tools we have utilized to assist us in this endeavor is Naviance Family Connection. The purpose of this letter is to invite high school parents to our Naviance Parent Program/Workshop (evening or morning session), which will be held on OCTOBER 11, 2012. The evening session will be held at 6:30pm in the Media Center. A morning session is also scheduled, for those parents that may find it more convenient to come to the school during the school day. The morning session will be held during period 1, starting at 8:15am in the Media Center.

High School counselors will be on hand to provide a short presentation on Naviance. Time will be allotted to help individual parents with any questions concerning the use and application of this valuable college and career planning resource. We will also have individual laptops available for parent use at this workshop. In addition, the high school Guidance office has created a Naviance Handbook to assist parents and students to navigate the many valuable features the program has to offer. The booklet has been posted to the Guidance website. The counselors are also distributing this booklet to all 9th grade students during the freshman conferences which are currently under way.

If you plan to attend one of these sessions, you must RSVP to Laurie Cassidy by Monday, Oct. 8th as follows: Tel: 201/652-9000 ext. 5007 or email at cassidyl@waldwick.k12.nj.us. Please provide your name (and number of attendees), your child's name and grade level, and which session you will attend (morning or evening).

We look forward to seeing you at the Naviance Parents Night and/or Morning Session events on October 11th!