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Official WHS Mannequin Challenge (feat. Enzo Amore)


Parent Input

As we approach December, I thought this would be a great time to collect parent feedback about WHS and how you are feeling, as well as what you are hearing from your children. 

Since day one this year, I have made it a point to talk with teachers and students about the importance of mental health and student wellness.  We, as school community, need to keep in mind and listen to our young adults and understand what they are dealing with and the difficulties they may be experiencing.

I have created a survey that I am asking WHS parents/guardians to complete so I can hear your voice in this matter.  Please take some time to answer a few questions and have your voice be heard.  

Link to Survey: Parent/Guardian Feedback


WHS October Students of the Month

WALDWICK HIGH SCHOOL October Students of the Month 2016 – 2017

SARAH ARMSTRONG - Sarah, a senior, is the English Language Arts Department Student of the Month co-recipient.  Sarah is an excellent student with a great attitude.  She works hard in the classroom and puts forth great effort and depth into each writing assignment.  Sarah wants to be a teacher and really is interested in her own learning.  She is insightful with literature and shows maturity toward the works.
GEORGE THOMSON - George, a senior, is the English Language Arts Department Student of the Month co-recipient.  George is a hard worker who puts forth extra effort to dig deeply into texts on a regular basis.  When it comes to his writing, George uses the strategies we learn about when crafting eloquent prose.  He is open to constructive criticism and always aims to improve.  Finally, George's efforts to collaborate with his classmates are admirable--he is happy to help others and is open to new ide…

Homework Free Week @ WHS

Homework Free Week @ WHS During the week of November 7, there will be no assigned homework at Waldwick High School.  There will be additional homework free breaks throughout the year which will be published by the District in the coming days.   We hope these days will provide students time to mentally step away from focusing on homework and studying for tests.  In addition to no homework for the week, no assignments or tests will be due immediately after the break.   I am aware of one or two situations where long term projects were assigned over a month ago with dues dates during next week.  Those assignments will still be due; however, during all future homework free weeks, there will be no assignments/tests.    What you could do with the TIME ....
Students can read just to read for the joy of itSpend time enjoying the great fall weatherSpend time with family Volunteer within the communityTake time to reflect on the first marking period and your effort Learn something new because it inter…