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What Made Maddy Run - Meet the Author @ Ramsey High School

Back in September the entire WHS staff read the book, What Made Maddy Run, by Kate Fagan. As a staff, we discussed the book and it opened up the dialogue on mental health and the struggles our students are facing. A good amount of students also read the book and a few parents requested copies to read as well.  

The Ramsey School District has extended an invitation to the Waldwick community to meet the author, Kate Fagan, at Ramsey High School on Monday, January 29, at 7pm. I hope to see many of you there next Monday so the conversation can continue. 

If there is anyone who would like borrow the book, please reach-out and I can send a copy home.

Scheduling Process for the 18-19 School Year

The guidance counselors will be meeting with each grade level this week during the common hour, regarding course selections for next year. This year the course requests will be done online and submitted during the grade level meetings. All students need to bring their Chromebook with them to the meeting.

Wednesday 1/24 - Current 9th Graders
Thursday 1/25 - Current 10th Graders
Friday 1/26 - Current 11th Graders
Over the next few days students should start thinking about the elective courses they are interested in taking and review the 2018 - 2019 Course Selection Guide.
In early March, parents and students will have the ability to view and confirm course requests in Genesis Parent Access via the Course Request Tab.  At that point, all Advanced Placement, Honors, college prep and survey level recommendations for the 2018-2019 school year will have been entered.  An email will be sent to advise when the tab is available.
If you have any questions, please contact your son or daughter'…

CPR/First Aid Certification

As part of our Health curriculum, all Junior Health classes will be covering CPR towards the end of the marking period.   
As mentioned on Back-To-School Night, upon completion of the unit, the students are provided with an opportunity to test for certification.  Students who choose to participate will be charged $11.00 plus a Transaction Fee.  

Beyond the ability to be prepared in the case of a medical emergency, the benefits of becoming officially certified are: An official LifeSaver card to keep in their wallet Job opportunities such as life guarding, babysitting, coaching opportunities, etc. Resume and college application information MiniKey CPR Key-chain disposable mask, customized for Waldwick High School.

If students wish to become certified: Complete the Google Form Use - To pay the fee (just like the Chromebook Insurance) Login into the website, click on “Fees” then “Make Fee Payment.” Click the green “+” icon to the right of the CPR. Click “Review and Pay.” Sele…

WHS December Students of the Month

WALDWICK HIGH SCHOOL December Students of the Month 2017 – 2018

LESLEY RAMIREZ-CORTEZ - Lesley is a new freshman student, both to Waldwick and the United States. She has a great attitude and is always willing to help other students in the room with both their own math work and with translating. She is a conscientious student and works very hard at both her math and learning the English that goes with it. Since she is working through an individualized program, she often teaches herself what she needs to know and goes above and beyond to master the material. She is yet another great addition to the Warrior Family.

AMANDA CORKILL - Amanda is currently a member of the Senior Chorus who is always willing to learn different ways to improve her singing techniques. She has worked hard to develop the skills necessary to be a valuable member of the Music Department, as well as the Drama Club. Amanda focuses her energy on proper singing techniques and through the past years has devel…