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Before School Starts TO DO LIST #1 Fall Athletes get your paperwork IN

September will be here before we know it, so I wanted to put together a summer “To Do List” blog series for parents and students to help get everyone ready for school to start on September 4.   I hope you enjoy the series.  

#1 Paperwork for Fall Athletes  

In order for an athlete to be cleared for the first day of official practice, all paperwork must be in by August 1.  This year the process was changed and most of the forms can be completed directly through Genesis Parent Access.  If you have any questions about the process or if you are not sure whether you owe anything, please check with your coach. Be proactive and DON'T wait for the last minute.  

Review of the New Process

Beginning with the 2014 Fall Athletic Season, most student-athlete forms are now accessible on the Genesis Parent Access and should be signed and submitted electronically.  Waldwick High School has created an electronic signature page that allows you to read and submit all forms on line.

In order to participa…

Meet Michael Mayer - New Athletic Director / Supervisor of Instruction

Guest post: Introduction letter from Michael Mayer, Supervisor of Athletics and Instruction 

Dear Student-Athletes and Parents,
I hope you are enjoying your summer and looking forward to the upcoming 2014-2015 High School Athletic Season.My name is Michael Mayer and I am the new Athletic Director for Waldwick High School.I am thrilled to be a part of the Waldwick schools, athletics, and community.Waldwick has a rich winning tradition and history of excellence not only on the playing fields, but in the classroom as well.I am honored to now be wearing Warrior blue and being a part of it all.
Before coming to the Waldwick School District, my professional career was entirely in the New Milford School District.I held the positions of Social Studies Teacher, Head Boys’ Basketball Coach, and Head Softball Coach.Through those positions, I have expected my student-athletes to maintain high academic standards, compete at their highest level and consistently display good sportsmanship.I know here i…

Where to Find Scholarships

The Summer time is a great time to start investigating various scholarship opportunities! Below is a list of resources to help you search for college scholarships.  WHERE TO FIND SCHOLARSHIPS *Naviance National Scholarship Search link - * Employers – yours and/or your families * Investigate each college website and/or financial aid office * Search Organizations, Clubs, Companies, and Associations (i.e. NJ Society of Women Engineers, Girls Scouts of America, Wal-Mart) * Waldwick Guidance Office - Jr/Sr Weekly Bulletin – this bulletin gets published each week starting in early September. * Waldwick High School Guidance website for scholarship handbooks and scholarship information: * Resource booklets provided to you at the Junior Conferences and Junior Parents Night * Websites: www.colle…

HS Gym Transformation

WarriorNation checkout your new home court!!