Where to Find Scholarships

The Summer time is a great time to start investigating various scholarship opportunities! Below is a list of resources to help you search for college scholarships. 
*Naviance National Scholarship Search link - http://connection.naviance.com/waldwick
* Employers – yours and/or your families
* Investigate each college website and/or financial aid office
* Search Organizations, Clubs, Companies, and Associations (i.e. NJ Society of Women Engineers, Girls Scouts of America, Wal-Mart)
* Waldwick Guidance Office - Jr/Sr Weekly Bulletin – this bulletin gets published each week starting in early September.
* Waldwick High School Guidance website for scholarship handbooks and scholarship information:http://www.waldwick.k12.nj.us/waldwick/High%20School/Guidance/
* Resource booklets provided to you at the Junior Conferences and Junior Parents Night
* Websites:
The LOCAL SCHOLARSHIPS get posted in January and February.  The Local scholarships represent GUARANTEED MONEY to a WHS senior!!!  So the trick is to APPLY-APPLY-APPLY! More information about the Local Scholarships is listed in the Scholarship Handbook, which will be available shortly.
Big thank you to Ms. Cassidy, Guidance Secretary for putting together this great list.