Sunday, July 24, 2016

9th Grade Students (Class of 2020): Naviance Family Connection

All Incoming Freshman:
You have been registered for the Naviance College and Career Program (Naviance - Family Connection) website, so you should have already received a computer generated WELCOME EMAIL providing logon instructions.
Family Connection from Naviance® is a web-based program that links the counseling office and schools with students and parents to improve college, and career planning.  While we anticipate heaviest usage of this program among our juniors and seniors, many of our 9th and 10th grade students will find this tool to be helpful in longer-term planning. The Career component in Naviance makes this program an ideal site for our 9th and 10th graders to investigate career paths using the various personality and work related surveys to assist them in these endeavors. Think of Naviance as an Online Organizer between school and home. Guidance utilizes the data you record in Naviance to enhance your post-graduate plans.
We use the email feature in Naviance as the primary communication tool between Guidance, Students and Parents regarding announcements, publications, and the like.  Email should be checked at least once a week by all students and parents.  
ALL 9th GRADE STUDENTS will be shown how to use this program in greater detail in September/October.  Your counselors will meet with you and show you how to start using some of the features.  
Some of the many features of this program:
*College and Scholarship Search
*Career Planning
*Career Interest and Personality Survey
*College Application Process
*Signing up for College Visits to WHS (for juniors and seniors only)
*Career Videos
*And much, much more.
The counselors are off for summer break, but should you have a question please feel free to call (201-652-9000 ext 5007) or email Ms. Cassidy, Guidance Secretary.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016


Inviting any interested Waldwick students to participate in the 2016 Congressional App Challenge. The Congressional App Challenge (CAC) is a competition aimed at encouraging U.S. high school students to learn how to code by creating their own applications.
The Challenge is intended to highlight the value of computer science and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) education and encourage students to engage in these fields. By encouraging and recognizing our nation’s young programming talent, Congress hopes to shine a light on the growing importance of these skills.
The Congressional App Challenge is open to high school students, regardless of experience with coding. Students can enter individually or as a team of up to four. The application process opens on due July 18th and the contest will run through November 2, 2016.
The following link contains a more detailed description, the application and student resources: THE 2016 CONGRESSIONAL APP CHALLENGE

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Summer 2016 - To Do List (Fall Sports Paperwork)

Summer 2016 - To Do List will be a series of blog posts to help get everyone ready for school in September. 

The fall season is almost upon us and the deadline of JULY 29th to hand in fall paperwork is even closer.  I wanted to reach out to explain exactly what 4 things are needed in order to be cleared for participation for the fall season.  If you are not participating in a fall sport you can disregard this email.
The following links contain the files and information required for participation.  These forms must be completed in full, and without errors or they will be returned for completion.
This Link shows if you are cleared.  If you are not, it shows the specific forms you are missing:
This should contain just about all the information you need in order to be cleared.  Below are some notes and other information that may be helpful if you still have questions.

A few notes:
-The physical must be completed in full and signed by the student, parent, and physician in all the applicable places.  Please take care to note before leaving the doctor's office, all values (height, weight, vision etc.)  must be filled in or the physical will be returned for completion.

-If the athlete sees an eye doctor the physician who performs the physical might not perform vision, in this case a copy of an eye glass or contacts prescription must be provided.

-All athletes participating in fall need to fill out a health history update (Item 2).  While this is exactly the same form that was filled out for summer practices, the state considers the summer and fall separate seasons.  So an additional HHU needs to be filled out for the fall season as it does for Winter and Spring.

-The Genesis forms (items 3 and 4) will be open for the 2016-2017 school year on TUESDAY 7/12

-Forms will be collected 7/15 and 7/22.  I recommend submitting all forms by 7/22, this will allow adequate time for forms to be returned and corrected if there are any errors.  While the deadline is 7/29, if there are any errors forms will be returned via mail and this may delay participation.

If you have any other questions or concerns, please contact Jeff Basilicato via email, as I will not be in my office until August 10th.  Thanks and enjoy the rest of summer!

-Jeff Basilicato (Boz)

Summer 2016 - To Do List (PE Uniforming Ordering)

Summer 2016 - To Do List will be a series of blog posts to help get everyone ready for school in September. 

WHS PE Uniform Ordering

If you need to order a PE uniform for the upcoming school year please see below:

Please use this link for pricing, order deadlines, and submitting an order:

It is a mandatory requirement for all HS Students to wear at least the WHS PE Department T-shirt and Shorts.  Failure to do so will penalize a student's overall PE Grade. All orders should arrive to the High School by the last week of September.  No student will be penalized until the orders have arrived, until then the PE Dept. will allow the students to change into any appropriate top (t-shirt) and bottom (mesh/ athletic shorts) that are grey or navy.

Please contact Mr. Hagen if you have any questions.