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Opening of School Info 2016-2017 SY

WHS Students and Parents/Guardians:

September is right around the corner and with that we will be back to school soon!  I hope you have had a relaxing summer and took advantage of some of the great weather.  The staff and I are looking forward to kicking off another school year on Tuesday, September 6.  
Building Upgrades 
Each summer a lot of work gets done around the building and this summer was no different. Our great crew of custodians and maintenance staff went above and beyond this year.  We continue to make updates to the Learning Environments within the building.  Learning rooms were painted and cleaned.  New ceilings and lighting was installed in the hallway outside the Media Center and down to Room 309.  All new LED lights were installed in the Little Theater.

Two spaces that are being transformed are the Media Center Computer Lab and the inside courtyard.  In the computer lab, all of the furniture and computers have been removed and we are creating a Innovation Lab.  This lab …

9th Grade Orientation - Class of 2020

Class of 2020

All 9th graders and transfer students new to WHS are invited to our 9th Grade Orientation on August 30 at 10am @ Waldwick High School.  During the orientation, students will get to walk their schedule, check their locker and hear from student leaders on what to expect at WHS.  In addition, all students who have all of their forms submitted through the Genesis Parent Portal and have purchased the Chromebook insurance will be issued their Chromebooks.   **Everything you need to know to get your Chromebook**
This event will start promptly at 10am in the Little Theater and will last till 11:30.  This is the first year we are hosting a 9th grade Orientation. The peer mentors and I are looking forward to meeting all of you and are excited for the 2016 - 2017 school year.  

All students need to bring a copy of their schedule with them.

Summer 2016 - To Do list (Follow/Like/Signup for WHS News)

Summer 2016 - To Do List will be a series of blog posts to help get everyone ready for school in September. 

Stay connected with WHS

Waldwick High School has embraced the use of social media as a communication tool and the summer is a great time to create an account, confirm that you have followed, liked, subscribed and bookmarked everything Waldwick.  

These tools don't have to be one way communication tools, please feel free to Tweet me, Tag me in WHS school related posts.  You can ask questions, share positive news or just say hi. 

To share all the great things going on at WHS please use the hashtag #OwnitWHS in your posts to highlight and celebrate all that's great with WHS.  

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