Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Opening of School Info 2016-2017 SY

WHS Students and Parents/Guardians:

September is right around the corner and with that we will be back to school soon!  I hope you have had a relaxing summer and took advantage of some of the great weather.  The staff and I are looking forward to kicking off another school year on Tuesday, September 6.  

Building Upgrades  
Each summer a lot of work gets done around the building and this summer was no different. Our great crew of custodians and maintenance staff went above and beyond this year.  We continue to make updates to the Learning Environments within the building.  Learning rooms were painted and cleaned.  New ceilings and lighting was installed in the hallway outside the Media Center and down to Room 309.  All new LED lights were installed in the Little Theater.

Two spaces that are being transformed are the Media Center Computer Lab and the inside courtyard.  In the computer lab, all of the furniture and computers have been removed and we are creating a Innovation Lab.  This lab will have an open feel with flexible furniture that can be moved around to fit the needs of the learners.  This is going to be a great space for thinking, designing, creating, trying... then failing and trying again (Isn’t that how we learn outside of school).  In the inside courtyard, we will be adding more picnic tables and benches to make the space more desirable for lunchtime and for teachers to use with their students.  

Each year the staff and I try to make the learning rooms more flexible and conducive to an active learning environment.  This September, Rooms 141, 143 and 145 will all have new furniture that’s on wheels.  These chairs will lend themselves to group work, class discussions and transitions from one teaching mode to another with ease.  

1-1 Learning
The 1-1 Learning Environment heads into year two.  Based on parent, student and staff feedback, the first year went really well.  I was so impressed with what occurred in the learning rooms and how well the students adjusted to the technology.   

A few things about the 1-1 Learning Environment:
  • All parents/guardians must complete the Chromebook/GAFE/Devices Form in Genesis Parent Access.
  • All 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th graders will need to purchase the Chromebook insurance through PayForIt. The cost is $40 (PayForIt Directions if needed).
  • All incoming 9th graders and transfer students will receive their Chromebooks on Tuesday, August 30, at 10am at our 9th Grade Orientation.  See blog post for more information - 9th Grade Orientation - Class of 2020
Genesis Parent Access - School Related Forms
All school related forms can be signed and submitted online.  In  addition, you have the ability to update your phone numbers and email addresses for all contacts.  You can also create and add new contacts and update your health related contacts.

Through Genesis Parent Access, all parents need to complete the High School Parent Signature Sheet and the Chromebook/GAFE/Devices Sign-off Form under the forms tab. Once you click on the form link, you have the ability to read and sign all forms online.  Please submit these forms no later then Friday, September 9.  In addition to the two forms mentioned above, you will also see forms for Random Drug Testing and Senior Privileges.   Why and who needs to complete these forms.

Any senior looking to park on campus or take advantage of the "Open Campus" policy needs to have the Senior Privileges form submitted through the Genesis Parent Access.

WHS will continue to use Naviance as its email communication tool for all students and parents.  If you have any issues with your login and/or password please contact Ms. Cassidy in the Guidance Office.

In addition to the Naviance emails, Waldwick High School has embraced the use of social media to communicate with the Waldwick community.
These are communication tools to help keep our students, parents, community members, alumni and anyone else in the world informed about events/highlights/and achievements going on at Waldwick High School.

Student Schedules
Through Parent Access, students can view and print their schedule.  Please understand that the schedule you will see is, for the most part, final. However, once school starts there may be modifications or adjustments made due to unforeseen conflicts.  Any scheduling issues will be addressed by the Guidance Department as soon as possible.  Student Access provides access to view grades, attendance and the student’s schedule.  Teacher grade books will again be open 24/7 for both parents and students.  

Physical Education Uniforms
All you need to know about ordering your PE uniform. Blog Post - Physical Education Uniform Info

Important Dates
Please mark your calendar with this year’s Back to School Night, which is scheduled for Wednesday, September 14, at 7:00 p.m.  

Students are expected to report to school on Tuesday, September 6, 2016, and be in Homeroom by 8:05am.  Homeroom assignments can be found on the student’s schedule, as well as their locker number and combination. All students should bring their Chromebook, fully charged to school on September 6.

Enjoy the last few weeks of summer!!

9th Grade Orientation - Class of 2020

Class of 2020

All 9th graders and transfer students new to WHS are invited to our 9th Grade Orientation on August 30 at 10am @ Waldwick High School.  During the orientation, students will get to walk their schedule, check their locker and hear from student leaders on what to expect at WHS.  In addition, all students who have all of their forms submitted through the Genesis Parent Portal and have purchased the Chromebook insurance will be issued their Chromebooks.  

This event will start promptly at 10am in the Little Theater and will last till 11:30.  This is the first year we are hosting a 9th grade Orientation. The peer mentors and I are looking forward to meeting all of you and are excited for the 2016 - 2017 school year.  

All students need to bring a copy of their schedule with them.  

Monday, August 15, 2016

Summer 2016 - To Do list (Follow/Like/Signup for WHS News)

Summer 2016 - To Do List will be a series of blog posts to help get everyone ready for school in September. 

Stay connected with WHS  

Waldwick High School has embraced the use of social media as a communication tool and the summer is a great time to create an account, confirm that you have followed, liked, subscribed and bookmarked everything Waldwick.  

These tools don't have to be one way communication tools, please feel free to Tweet me, Tag me in WHS school related posts.  You can ask questions, share positive news or just say hi. 

To share all the great things going on at WHS please use the hashtag #OwnitWHS in your posts to highlight and celebrate all that's great with WHS.  

Social Media Accounts for Waldwick High School

Waldwick High School's Principal Blog 
The Principal's Blog is used as a communication tool to help keep our students, parents, community members, alumni and anyone else in the world informed about events/highlights/achievements going on at Waldwick High School.   

Main Twitter Accounts for WHS
Follow Me on Twitter: @WHS_Principal
Follow WHS on Twitter: @WaldwickWHS
Follow WHS Athletics: @WHSWarrior_ATHL

Most Coaches and Advisors have twitter accounts.  You can find a complete list here: 

WHS Social Media Accounts 

The official Waldwick High School Facebook Page.  Like us on Facebook

Follow us on Instagram: WaldwickWHS 

YouTube Channel
 Subscribe to the WHS YouTube channel to watch "Wake Up Waldwick" and amazing videos created by the students in Mr. Meltzer's TV Production classes.  

Link to the Warrior Broadcast Center 

Naviance Emails (WHS News & Guidance News)

WHS News - General school announcements, sports highlights, student achievements, emergency updates, community news, etc.
Guidance News (Usually from Ms. Cassidy) – Guidance newsletters, scholarship opportunities, college visits, forms, deadlines, etc.

Waldwick High School Webpage (This summer the district updated the website) What you will find here:  Guidance News, Parent Folder, Student/Parent Handbook, Teacher Webpages, Athletic Department, School Calendar, School District News, etc. 

Athletic Department Our Athletic Department uses a program called rSchool to coordinate all practices and games.  You can view schedules by: day, month, team, and level.  Link to the WHS Athletic Calendar

District Communication Honeywell Instant Alert- This is the school district's notification system for weather related school closings and emergencies.