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Summer 2019 News

Summer Recharging Period for all Athletes and Extra Curricular Activities 
Summer 2019 - Recharging Period @ WHS

Summer 2020 - Recharging Period will be July 20 - August 2.

PE Uniform Ordering 

WHS PE Uniform Ordering (19-20 SY)

Physical Education Uniforms @ WHS

If you need to order a PE uniform for the upcoming school year please see below:
Please use this link for pricing, order deadlines, and submitting an order:

Deadline to order is Friday, September 13, 2019


It is a mandatory requirement for all HS Students to wear at least the WHS PE Department T-shirt and Shorts. Failure to do so will penalize a student's overall PE Grade. All orders should arrive to the High School by the last week of September. No student will be penalized until the orders have arrived. Until then, the PE Dept. will allow students to change into any appropriate top (t-shirt) and bottom (mesh/athletic shorts) that are grey or navy.

Please contact Mr. Hagen if you have any questions.

Fall Sports Forms (Genesis forms are now open)

Athletic Paperwork for the Fall 2019 - Guest post from Jeff Basilicato (Boz)

The fall season is almost upon us and the deadline of Friday, August 2, to hand in fall paperwork is even closer. I wanted to reach out to explain exactly which four items are needed in order to be cleared for participation for the fall season. The following links contain the files and information required for participation. These forms must be completed in full, and without errors or they will be returned for completion.

Required Athletic Paperwork for High School Sports (Link)

A few notes:

-The forms in Genesis are only available via the parent account.

-The physical must be completed in full and signed by the student, parent and physician in all the applicable places. Please take care to note before leaving the doctor's office that all values (height, weight, vision etc.) must be filled in or the physical will be returned for completion.

-If the athlete sees an eye doctor, the physician who performs the phys…

Student Schedules and Summer Reading

Student schedules for the 2019-20 school year are now available for viewing on Parent Access. Please review your potential schedule, keeping in mind that the schedule may change; however, we are very comfortable that most schedules are accurate and will remain in place for September.

If you are missing an academic class or you are unsure of the placement in an academic course, please contact your Guidance Counselor to review any concerns. The Guidance Counselors will be available August 27 and 28.

Final schedules will be posted on Parent Access in August with periods, teachers and rooms. Schedules will not be mailed home.

Summer Reading
The intent of the Summer Reading Program is to encourage the habit of lifelong reading. With this goal in mind, students are required to select and read one book off of the list of options that corresponds with the English class that they are taking during the 2019-2020 school year.
Summer Reading 2019

Students enrolled in AP classes have already been g…