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Waldwick High School Athletic Hall of Fame Class of 2018

Waldwick High School Athletic Hall of Fame Class of 2018
The Waldwick High School Athletic Hall of Fame is proud and excited to announce the 2018 class of inductees.
Since 1963, Warrior Nation has been represented by many outstanding athletes, coaches, and teams.  The 2018 class features five outstanding individuals, two coaches, one team, and one special contributor.

Kenneth Freitag ’67
Tracy D’Annibale Green ’84
Claudio Petrucelli ’84
Michelle Straut ’88
Keelan Kraw ’89

Coach ~ Steve Konde
Coach ~ Tony Caiazzo
Team ~ 1985-86 Girls’ Basketball Team
Special Contributor ~ Kevin Kenney

Congratulations to the 2018 class of inductees of the Waldwick High School Athletic Hall of Fame.  The inductees will be honored at a ceremony on November 1, 2018 at 6:30pm at  Macaluso’s, Hawthorne, NJ For more information, Click Here - Hall of Fame Info

WHS May Students of the Month

WALDWICK HIGH SCHOOL May Students of the Month 2017 – 2018

JACK DUNICH - Jack, a junior, has excelled this year in AP Economics and Honors US History II.  He is a hard-working, attentive and self-motivated student who has flourished in the social sciences.  He is able to grasp high level economic theory, as well as the complex events of the World Wars.Jack impresses us with his ability to balance academics with athletics, involvement in clubs and a part-time job.  Add the fact that he is an outstanding school citizen and we can say that not only is Jack a treasured asset to our Social Studies classes, but to the entire Warrior community.
SAMANTHA STALLARD – Samantha is a sophomore on the Spring Track Team this season.  She is a hurdler who has put together a tremendous month.Samantha was named First Team All-League and is the 2018 NJIC Patriot Division Champion in the 100 meter high hurdles.  This month, she was a member of the 4x100 relay team that broke the school…

Stress Relief Week @ WHS (June 11 - 15)

Waldwick High School Presents ...

Special Mini Workshops for Students & Staff: End of Year/Pre-Exam Stress Relief When: June 11-15, 11:2o-12:00 (Common Lunch) Where: Media Center

MONDAY - 6/11 “Take a Breather”(11:20 - 11:54) Why are we told to take a deep breath when we feel anxious about something?  It is because it has been scientifically proven that deep breathing calms our nervous system.  Breathing is vital for our survival!  In this session, we will teach you several simple breathing exercises to help calm you before tests, events, social interactions, or anything that is making your heart race.

TUESDAY - 6/12 “Balance the Yang with some Yin” (and what does that even mean)(11:20 - 11:54) Most of us have plenty of “Yang” activities in our, sports, and events and even video games and social media require “yang” energy. To feel calm and balanced, it is important to incorporate yin into our lives…meaning that we need to learn to slow down!  In this session, we will teach …