Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Opening of School Info 15-16

Where did the summer go?  This post means September is not too far away.....
I hope you are enjoying your summer and have been reading and keeping up with your summer assignments. The staff and I are looking forward to seeing you on Thursday, September 3, for the start of the new school year.  It’s going to be a great year!

It has been a very busy summer at WHS.  A lot of work has been done around the building by our custodians and maintenance staff that included: painting, cleaning, assembling new furniture, installing new LED lights in the Gym, Cafeteria and hallways.  We also redesigned two of our learning spaces.  The Media Center is transitioning into more of a “Maker Space” environment for our students.  The room is a lot more open and Ms. Hummel has some amazing plans moving forward. Another room we redesigned this summer was for our STRIDE Program, which services a population of our students with learning disabilities. The classroom can be viewed as a multi purpose space that has a fully functional kitchen and laundry area which can then be transformed into a career ready educational environment where each student will be able to get the individual attention.  The STRIDE GOAL is to have each student develop independent functioning skills that will help them become productive citizens in their community.  

Another department that has been extremely busy has been our Technology Department.  In addition to getting four schools up and running for September, they have processed 500 Chromebooks for WHS alone.  They have also done a tremendous amount of work behind the scenes to get us ready for the 1-1 Learning Environment at WHS.  

The 1-1 Learning Environment is coming to WHS in September!  I have posted a few blog posts this summer that have laid out the plan and direction WHS is moving in.   This shift is not about Chromebooks, GAFE or any other device, but the actual the learning environment. The goal is create opportunities for our students where learning is truly meaningful and powerful for them.  
In September, there will be two informational sessions for parents, to explain what a 1-1 learning environment will look like and how Google Apps for Education will be utilized.
1-1 Learning Environment - Parent Nights
Wednesday, September 16 at 7pm 
Thursday, September 24 at 6pm (Prior to Back to School Night)

1-1 Learning Environment
All About GAFE (Google Apps for Education)

We have transitioned away from the need to fill out and sign any school related documents this year.   Through the Genesis Parent Access, you have the ability to update your phone numbers and email address for all contacts. You also can create and add new contacts and update your health related contacts.

Through Genesis Parent Access, all parents need to complete the High School Parent Signature Sheet and the Chromebook & GAFE Sign-off Form under the forms tab. Once you click on the form link, you have the ability to read and sign all forms online.  Please submit these forms by Friday, September 4.  In addition to the two forms mentioned above, you will also see forms for Random Drug Testing and Senior Privileges.  Why and who needs to complete these forms.

Any senior looking to park on campus or take advantage of the "Open Campus" policy needs to have the Senior Privileges form submitted through the Genesis Parent Access.

The High School will continue to use Naviance as its email communication tool for all students and parents.  If you have any issues with your login and/or password please contact Ms. Cassidy in the Guidance Office.
In addition to the Naviance emails, Waldwick High School has embraced the use of social media to communicate with the Waldwick community.
These are communication tools to help keep our students, parents, community members, alumni and anyone else in the world informed about events/highlights/and achievements going on at Waldwick High School.
Through Parent Access students can view and print their schedule.  Please understand that the schedule you will see is for the most part final. However, once school starts there may be modifications or adjustments made due to unforeseen conflicts.  Any scheduling issues will be addressed by Guidance as soon as possible.  Student Access provides access to view grades, attendance and the student’s schedule.  Teacher grade books will again be open 24/7 for both parents and students.  

Physical Education Uniforms
Order forms and payments for WHS PE Uniform must be submitted: Friday, September 11th
*All students are required to have WHS PE T-shirt and WHS PE Mesh Shorts. 
*WHS PE Sweatpants and Hooded Sweatshirt are optional.

Fill out and submit form: PE Uniform Order From 
*Turn in a check for the total amount of your order to your PE Teacher.  Make the check payable to MAYO SPORTS.
Please mark your calendar with this year’s Back to School Night, which is scheduled for Thursday, September 24, at 7:00 p.m.  
Students are expected to report to school on Thursday, September 3, 2015, and be in homeroom by 8:05am.  Homeroom assignments can be found on the student’s schedule, as well as their locker number and combination.

Monday, August 17, 2015

Follow/Like/Subscribe to WHS News

Stay connected to all WHS News with our Social Media Accounts

Waldwick High School has embraced the use of social media as a communication tool and the summer is a great time to create an account, confirm that you have followed, liked, subscribed and bookmarked everything Waldwick.  

The Principal's Blog is used as a communication tool to help keep our students, parents, community members, alumni and anyone else in the world informed about events/highlights/achievements going on at Waldwick High School.   

Main Twitter Accounts for WHS
Follow Me on Twitter: @WHS_Principal
Follow WHS on Twitter: @WaldwickWHS
Follow WHS Athletics: @WHSWarrior_ATHL

Most Coaches and Advisors also have twitter accounts for their specific group.  You can find a complete list here: WHS Social Media Accounts


Follow us on Instagram: WaldwickWHS

YouTube Channel
Subscribe to the WHS YouTube channel to watch "Wake Up Waldwick" and amazing videos created by the students in Mr. Meltzer's TV Production classes.  Link to the Warrior Broadcast Center

Athletic Department 
Our Athletic Department uses a program called rSchool to coordinate all practices and games.  You can view schedules by: day, month, team, and level.  Link to the WHS Athletic Calendar

Friday, August 14, 2015

Confirm Username and Password for WHS Accounts

As we get closer to the start of a new school year, one way to be sure you are ready is to check usernames and passwords.

Waldwick High School uses a few web-based sites that require a username and password. The summer is a great time to confirm you have your username and password for each of the sites.  It also might be a good idea to change your password for security reasons.  I would suggest finding a place/site/App to help you keep track of all the user names and passwords that have become part of our lives.

Here is a blog related to the importance of good passwords 10 Important Password Tips Everyone Should Know by Viki Davis)

Family Connection from Naviance® is a web-based program that links counselors and schools with students and parents to improve college and career planning. We are pleased to make this resource available to all of our high school students and families in addition to, and as a complement to, the array of college-related speakers and seminars we already offer at Waldwick High School.

While we anticipate heaviest usage of this program among our juniors and seniors, many of our younger students and their parents will find this tool to be helpful in longer-term planning. The Career component in Naviance makes this program an ideal site for our 9th and 10th graders to investigate career paths using the various personality and work related surveys to assist them in these endeavors. Think of Naviance as an Online Organizer between school and home. Guidance utilizes the data you record in Naviance to enhance your post-graduate plans.

We use the email feature in Naviance as the primary communication tool between Guidance, students and parents regarding announcements, publications and the like. Email should be checked a few times a week by all students and parents. Seniors are the exception – as they should check their Email on a daily basis.

Support: Please email Ms. Cassidy, Guidance Secretary if you need help with your username or password.


The Genesis Parent Access portal is a safe and secure way for parents to view many of their child's school records for the school year.  Through the Genesis Parent Access portal, parents can access information about their child's class schedule, attendance, teacher's grade-book, report cards and forms. Parents can also make changes to contact information.

Genesis Student Access

Through the Genesis Student Access portal, students can access information about their class schedule, attendance, teacher's grade-book and report cards.

Support: Please email Mrs. Altomare if you need help with your username or password.

Honeywell Alert  

Honeywell Instant Alert- This is the school district's notification system for weather related school closings and emergencies. Directions related to Honeywell.  

Thursday, August 13, 2015

WHS Summer Update: All about GAFE (Google Apps for Education)

What is GAFE?
Google Apps for Education(GAFE)  is a core suite of productivity applications that Google offers to schools and educational institutions for free. These communication and collaboration apps include Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Docs, Sites and Classroom and a Google Apps for Education account unlocks access to dozens of other collaborative tools supported by Google. All of these applications exists completely online (or in the cloud), meaning that all creations can be accessed from any device with an Internet connection.

What it means for WHS?
As WHS transitions to the world of GAFE, all students and staff will have a GAFE account which will look like Students and teachers will be able to communicate using the many different apps associated with GAFE.  Increased communication and collaboration are what GAFE is all about. Students and teachers will have these tools at their fingertips and access to them at anytime, from anywhere, using their Chromebook or any other computer or mobile device.
Parents and students will have to sign-off on a Google Apps Permission Form which will be available through Genesis Parent Access later this month.  
The opportunities the GAFE will provide the teachers and students are endless.  It is going to be a great year of LEARNING!