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AP Art Work - James Dill

I am very proud to present a few amazing art pieces from James Dill's AP Art portfolio 2016.  

AP Art Work - Eric Carnevale

I am very proud to present a few amazing art pieces from Eric Carnevale's AP Art portfolio 2016.  

World Language Week - Viva Flamenco Dance Company

Viva Flamenco Dance Company performed in the Little Theater on Wednesday, May 18.  This was an interactive performance and the audience was encouraged to participate.  Over 100 Spanish language learners were excited to attend this great opportunity, which they have never experienced before.  In an effort to expand students' global perspective and to continue the activities for the celebration of World Language Week, the faculty made this possible.

WHS Concert Band Performance

Waldwick High School Concert Band with the Waldwick Band performing music from Phanthom of the Opera.  

WHS April Students of the Month

WALDWICK HIGH SCHOOL April Students of the Month 2015 – 2016

BRENDA SUGEY REQUENO - Brenda,  a freshman, earned a 96 in ESL third marking period, in addition to achieving strong grades in her content classes.  She has not missed any homework.  Brenda has developed particularly strong work habits, always improving her knowledge of the English language by writing down new vocabulary as she comes across it. Brenda’s understanding, speaking, and writing have all improved markedly. She also helped her newly arrived cousin transition to our school this marking period.

JOSHUA SHERIFF - Josh, a freshman, is a hard-working student that never misses an opportunity to say, “Hello” or to offer a smile. His positive energy is contagious as anyone who has been to the STRIDES cafe knows. Josh will always remember the way you like your coffee or your favorite snack.  He enjoys English and Science and his favorite subject is History. Josh is a great class leader when on trips and he has made many…

Congratulations Morgan Sinton - 200 Goals

Senior Morgan Sinton scores her 200th career goal!!  Next year Morgan will take her talents to Central Connecticut State University.