Saturday, June 21, 2014

2014 Salutatorian Zachary Gurian - Graduation Speech

Guest post by Waldwick High School 2014 Salutatorian Zachary Gurian.  Zachary will be attending University of Michigan in the fall.  He plans to study Mechanical Engineering at Michigan. 

Welcome everyone to the Class of 2014 Waldwick High School Graduation. I would first like to thank Dr. Raupers, Members of the board of education, Mr. Carroll, Mr. Clancy, faculty, honored guests, parents, family and friends for being here on this special occasion. This is a special moment for all of us because it marks a great transition in our lives-- a transition to paying an arm and a leg for school.

Since we have entered high school we have been looking forward to this day, looking forward to not having homework every night and a break in the monotony that has been school for the past 12 years.

I’d like to give  thanks to all my peers and friends that have helped me along the way in high school. It’s not always the things that you learn, but the people you learn with.

I’d also like to thank my teachers who have helped me along the way. I especially want to thank my physics teacher Dr. Ling. Through your class, not only was I prepared for the AP test at the end of the year, but I felt like I had gained a better understanding for how the world works around me. Your advice and reassurance about college has been invaluable to me.

And to all of the parents, I can’t thank you enough. For supporting us despite our bad attitudes and being there for us despite our constant requests and needs and of course for coming out to all of our band concerts and soccer games, our back-to-school nights and our art festivals.

Also to my own parents, mom, you’ve always been there with encouragement and a positive attitude. And dad, you’ve always been there to give advice, and cause trouble at the dinner table.

Many of us have been saying for years how we want to leave this town, yet so many people who have grown up in Waldwick come back. Why? Because the small town of Waldwick is so great because of how small and tight knit it is.

Most of us started our education in Julia A Traphagen Elementary or Crescent Elementary school. In 6th grade,  we came to Middle School and have been together as a grade since then. Many schools come together in Middle School and high school from 5, 6, even 7 elementary schools, but not Waldwick. We are a small class and because of that, we all know each other and are able to have connections that are impossible in big schools. Only in a small school like Waldwick can it be normal to call each other by crazy nicknames such as Boose and Boar and to have it normal to poke fun at each other when we misspeak on simple things and know that it is all in good fun.

Throughout High School, the WHS community has just grown closer. I see the benefits of this small community every day as I walk down the halls. It’s not uncommon to see two people from two entirely different social circles having a conversation and acting like lifelong friends. Why do we act like lifelong friends? Because we have been lifelong friends. Over the years we have had the opportunity to know each other so well and despite our differences, we are able to come together and just be nice to each other. We’ve been on the same soccer teams since kindergarten and have been together throughout all of our school in events in middle school like Field Days and science fairs up until our senior activities this year like the Fashion Show and the Senior Barbeque. We may make fun of each other or poke fun at things, but it’s all in good fun and that environment is fantastic for growing up and really becoming prepared for what’s ahead.

So, to the Waldwick High School class of 2014, appreciate what you have had here in Waldwick. No where else will we find as great as a place to grow up in as Waldwick. No where else will we find such a great  environment to mature and make lifetime connections. No where else will we find such a great community that comes together to become something greater than a small suburban town in New Jersey. No where else will we find Warrior Nation.
Thank you.

2014 Valedictorian Joseph Hurban - Graduation Speech

Guest post by Waldwick High School 2014 Valedictorian Joseph Hurban.  Joseph will be attending College of New Jersey in the fall.  He plans to study Mechanical Engineering at TCNJ. 

Good Evening Dr. Raupers, Members of the board of education, Mr. Caroll, Mr. Clancy, members of faculty, honored guests, parents, family, friends, family friends, and anyone else who had nothing to do on a Friday night but most of all, YOU – the class of 2014 (clap hands). Seven years ago, I sat over there with the band and I heard the first of many valedictorian speeches. I remember all of the speeches were full of inspiring memories and were chockfull of creativity. You would think that writing one would be easy with having listened to so many.    – So here goes nothing.

We did it! We have survived the past four years of writing essays, completing group projects, procrastinating over our math homework, and finishing web assigns at 11:59. It has been a 4 year trek up the mountain people call high school, and today we have reached the peak, allowing us to see our full journey. Everyone started and ended at the same spot, but our paths are each unique, and those paths were full of twists and turns. This is because life is not linear; it is full of unpredictable turns.

But what now? This is definitely not the end of the road, but a crossroad that can lead a person in any direction that they desire. One of the greatest Peacemakers of all time, Nelson Mandela once stated that “After climbing a great hill, one only finds that there are many more hills to climb”. But we should not fear the future ahead of us, because the past can give us the strength to move forward towards your goals.

We must always be moving forward, as life is a one way street. There are no redo’s or deleted scenes; what is behind us is history, but remember that it is your history that will make you into the person you will become. To our parent’s, we will become  their future doctors, teachers, engineers, soldiers, actors, technicians, chefs, authors, and historians. And as we are busying changing the world, we will begin to see just how much the world has changed us. Just because you don’t notice how or what the world, has changed you, that doesn’t mean it hasn’t happened. For example maybe it was Mr. Wizemann’s 45 minute but really 2 hour tests that taught you that there is not enough time to do everything. Or maybe you mastered the art of multitasking when you were writing that essay for English while watching the finale of Breaking Bad. Who knows, maybe it was the development of those time management skills of the precious 3 minutes in between classes. But whichever life lesson we have learned, or the amazing skills that we have developed at high school, we will remember it for the rest of our life. Hopefully they are better than the ones I mentioned.
But enough of the corny jokes and peachy puns. Today we have reached the summit of the first of a chain of mountains that are beckoning us. While today we can rest, tomorrow we will begin the next mountain. There is no direct path for each of us to follow, we must find it ourselves. We will become trailblazers, creating trails with our footsteps. You will not be following the path that was once traveled, and nor will the people behind you.

But most importantly, this is not the Lonely Mountain, we will encounter other people who will be on their journey along with us, fighting their own dragons. And when they ask you where you are going, we will tell them : to the top. If they ask why you are making the journey, we will tell them : to fulfill my dreams. And when they ask you when you will reach the top, we will tell them: No one knows, because no one has taken my path before.
We are the class of 2014, and we creating our path to success. Thank You.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Scavenger Hunt in Union City

WHS students in Ms. Monell’s Spanish 4H and 5H put their skills to the test recently as they looked for various items related to the Spanish culture along Bergenline Avenue in Union City to practice their Spanish speaking skills in a fun and interesting way, while learning about the Spanish culture.

After leaving the bus around 9:30 am, the group walked along Bergenline Avenue from 32nd Street uptown to 54th Street.  They sampled the food and the culture that Union City Spanish heritage has to offer, starting with a quick view of the Celia Cruz museum.  It was very timely since the students are studying Spanish music in Spanish 4 Honors.

Students had a specific list of items, such as:  "Arnica," a special flour for foods; "Moise’s," an ornate cradle; and, "Tamaño 43," to determine the equivalent of the US shoe size.  They needed to communicate with the Spanish speakers of the area.  In addition to the scavenger hunt for information, they also had to eat in Spanish eateries; there are Colombian, Spanish, Puerto Rican, Peruvian restaurants along the streets.  It was a rich cultural experience and the students had many great comments including: “Señora the people of Union City were so nice and friendly,”  “The food is delicious,” and “Señora, can we do this again next year?” Trips such as this allow students to grow and acquire a global education.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Athletic Forms now in Genesis Parent Access

Beginning with the 2014 Fall Athletic Season, most student-athlete forms are now accessible on the Genesis Parent Access and should be signed and submitted electronically.  Waldwick High School has created an electronic signature page that allows you to read and submit all forms on line.

In order to participate on a Waldwick High School athletic team a student/athlete and parent must read and sign (on line only) the forms listed below.  Form "signing" must be completed on the Genesis Parent Access.  Paper copies of the form will no longer be accepted.  Student/athletes and parents need to complete the forms for each child who will participate on a team.


As a reminder, the following is your current log in ID for Genesis Parent Access.  A User Guide is attached for your convenience.

Parent Access Link:
Your log in is your full e-mail address: <PARENT_LOG ON_ID> (use lowercase letters)

The following forms will still need to be printed, completed and returned to the Coach, Athletic Trainer or the Nurse.

        .  PHYSICAL FORM (print and return to Nurse Willer, annually)
        .  HEALTH HISTORY UPDATE (print and return to Nurse Willer, per season)
        .  EMERGENCY CARD (print and return to Coach, per season)

We have also created a user guide to help you with this new process.  
Forms in Parent Access - User Information 

All forms can also be found on the school website under Forms. Please don't hesitate to contact Mr. Clancy or Jeff Basilicato if you have any questions.

National Scholars - National Financial Literacy Test

Several Waldwick High School students achieved a score on the National Financial Literacy Test that earned them special recognition.  Their scores were in the top 1% of the entire nation and qualified them as "National Scholars." We are very proud of this special accomplishment.  The students are:
Amelia Apgar
Matthew Deppe
Bryan Fotino
Matthew Hunt
James Noyes

Special thanks to Mr. Opderbeck for getting his students involved with the National Financial Literacy organization.  

WHS May Students of the Month

May Students of the Month
2013 – 2014

FERNANDO BARAHONA – Fernando, a junior, has excelled as a student in American History 2 this year.  Fernando is a dedicated and conscientious student and has made a great impact on his class this marking period.  His work on the Great Depression and the New Deal led to the creation of a powerful presentation that showcased his creativity and research skills.  He participates in a thoughtful and meaningful manner during class and has displayed a genuine interest in history.  Overall, Fernando is more than deserving of this prestigious award.

CONNOR WALSH– Connor, a senior, has completed one of the greatest High School Baseball careers in the history of Waldwick High School.  A four-year letter winner, Connor was selected 2nd Team Bergen County for the second year in a row.  This season Connor drove in 40 runs and eclipsed the 100 hit mark and 100 RBI mark for his career.  Connor finished second in all-time doubles hit, with 30 and third in hits all-time, with 132 for a career.  Also, Connor now ranks fifth all-time with 106 career RBI. The numbers don't even begin to tell the story of what a quality young man he is and how many young Waldwick baseball players he has influenced.  Connor is a true "Warrior" and his influence will be present for many years to come.  One of the highlights of my coaching career is to say... "I coached Connor Walsh."  I am a better person because of it.