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FREE Heart Screening Program offered to 9th Graders @ WHS (Class of 2019)

For the seventh consecutive year, Waldwick High School and the Sean Fisher Memorial Foundation have teamed up with the Gift of Life Foundation and CardiacScan Imaging to promote an education and screening program on healthy lifestyle.  In past six years over 530 students have been screened.  

The screening program is offered at no cost to the Freshman class ONLY and will take place at Waldwick High School throughout the week of March 7, 2016 during school hours. 
Screenings include:  blood pressure, electrocardiogram (EKG), echocardiogram, height, weight, oxygen saturation, waist measurement and body mass index.
In order for a freshman to take advantage of this opportunity, two forms must be filled out and returned to the main office before Tuesday, March 1.  The forms can be found by clicking the link below:  Link to Heart Screening Forms
If you have any question please see/call/email Mr. Carroll or the school nurse, Mrs. Willer.

Please check out the Sean Fisher Memorial Foundation website

CPR/First Aid Certification (Marking Period 2 Junior Health)

As part of the new curriculum, all Junior Health classes will be covering CPR towards the end of the marking period.   

As mentioned on Back-To-School Night, upon completion of the unit, the students are provided with an opportunity to test for certification.  Students who choose to participate will be charged $11.00 plus a Transaction Fee.   For students who are taking Health 2nd marking period, payment is due by Monday, January 25, 2016.

Beyond the ability to be prepared in the case of a medical emergency, the benefits of becoming officially certified are: An official LifeSaver card to keep in their wallet Job opportunities such as life guarding, babysitting, coaching opportunities, etc. Resume and college application information MiniKey CPR Key-chain disposable mask, customized for Waldwick High School.

If students wish to become certified Complete the Google Form Use - To pay the fee (just like the Chromebook Insurance) Login into the website, click on “Fees” then “…

Schedule Process for 2016-2017 School Year

Starting on Tuesday, January 12, the guidance counselors will be providing the current 9th, 10th, and 11th grade students with a 2016/2017 Course Selection Sheet for next year’s schedules. The students must complete these sheets which include the parent’s review/signature and return back to their Language Arts teachers within two days of receipt of the forms.

The distribution of the forms is noted as follows:

Tuesday, January 12 – Forms to be provided to the 9th graders.
The forms are due back by January 14 (Thursday) to their English teachers.

Wednesday, January 13 - Forms to be provided to the 10th graders.
The forms are due back by January 15 (Friday) to their English teachers.

Thursday, January 14 - Forms to be provided to the 11th graders.
The forms are due back by January 18 (Monday) to their English teachers.

2016-2017 Course Selection 

WHS December Students Of the Month

WALDWICK HIGH SCHOOL December Students of the Month 2015 – 2016


JAKE SCHWENCKE - Jake, a junior, is an outstanding student in Honors Precalculus.  He regularly scores at or near 100% while taking an active role in activities, both in and out of WHS.   Jake works hard to understand not only how to get an answer, but why one method might be better than another.  He works constructively with other students, whether offering or receiving help and maintains a positive attitude.


SABRINA COLAVITA - Sabrina, a senior, is very enthusiastic about being in the Concert Choir as a soprano voice with a very nice tone.  Originally, she took the class to see what chorus was like and recently said that chorus is now her favorite class.  As an honors student, Sabrina does well in all her classes and has worked very hard to develop her vocal ability.  Sabrina has been a great addition to the Concert Choir.


CAITLIN VELLIOS – Caitlin is a senior on the indoor track team.  She was the top perf…