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WHS Summer Update - 1-1 Learning Environment

As most of you know, Waldwick High School will be moving to a 1-1 learning environment starting this Fall.  You might be asking..... What does that actually mean?  
Every student will be issued their own Chromebook which will stay with them for their time at WHS. All students will be issued a Google Apps for Education account which includes a school Gmail account.Students will take their Chromebooks home each day.Students will be responsible for keeping their Chromebook safe and treating it with respect. 

What we have done to prepare and what's next
The first step was to improve the district's technology infrastructure, which was done as part of last year's budget.  Over one million dollars was spent district-wide to prepare for additional technology throughout the district. Last year we had a cart of 30 Chromebooks that teachers and students had access to for in-class projects and lessons.  We also used this pilot program to get feedback on what the teachers and students tho…

Fall Sports Forms (2015-2016 SY)

(Guest post by Athletic Trainer Jeff Basilicato)

The following forms are necessary for clearance for the fall season and should be submitted to the main office.  The start date for this season is, 8/10/2015 while I know we are all still in summer mode at this point but that is when the fall season officially starts and paperwork must be up to date for that season.
All student athletes and parents need to complete 3 things in order to be cleared for the Fall
DEADLINE: Friday, July 31, 20152015
1) An updated physical:  Physical Form (Hard copy w/ Signature required) Physicals are valid for 365 days, so you may not need to obtain a brand new physical.  However, a physical dated 8/11/2014 or more recent must be on file with the school.  Please note that occasionally there are omissions or errors on physicals in order for a physical to be accepted it must be fully completed by 8/1.  We understand that most insurances will only cover one physical examination per year, therefore the only exceptio…