WHS Summer Update - 1-1 Learning Environment

Student ChromeBook
As most of you know, Waldwick High School will be moving to a 1-1 learning environment starting this Fall.  You might be asking..... What does that actually mean?  
  • Every student will be issued their own Chromebook which will stay with them for their time at WHS. 
  • All students will be issued a Google Apps for Education account which includes a school Gmail account.
  • Students will take their Chromebooks home each day.
  • Students will be responsible for keeping their Chromebook safe and treating it with respect. 

What we have done to prepare and what's next
  • The first step was to improve the district's technology infrastructure, which was done as part of last year's budget.  Over one million dollars was spent district-wide to prepare for additional technology throughout the district. 
  • Last year we had a cart of 30 Chromebooks that teachers and students had access to for in-class projects and lessons.  We also used this pilot program to get feedback on what the teachers and students thought of the Chromebooks and how they worked with our network. 
  • Teachers have had their Chromebooks since April and have been using and learning about the device, as well as learning what is available through the Google Apps for Education suite.
  • This past school year and over the summer, teachers have been taking advantage of professional development sessions on Google Apps for Education, as well as teaching in a 1-1 learning environment.  
  • We are planning additional professional development throughout the upcoming school year. 
Important Dates 

In September there will be two information sessions offered to parents/guardians to explain what a 1-1 learning environment will look like and how Google Apps will be utilized.   

Wednesday, September 16 at 7pm
Thursday, September 24 at 6pm (This will be prior to Back to School Night) 
*Additional Parent Academy workshops will be held throughout the school 

Roll-out of Chromebooks

As of now, we do not anticipate the Chromebooks being handed out until late September/early October.   What will happen first is that all students will be assigned a district Google Account in mid/late August.   Students having their Google account at the start of the school year will give teachers the ability to communicate and share school related materials from day one.  

I plan to keep you updated throughout the summer with future posts regarding:  Handing out of Chromebooks, Google Apps for Education student accounts and what a 1-1 Learning Environment means for teachers and student.