Saturday, December 21, 2013

From the Classroom - Spanish 3 Honors Project on Heroism

Ms. Monell’s (@SraMonell ) Spanish 3 Honors students just finished a powerful unit on heroism.   The class first discussed and reflected on their definition of a hero and read several pieces of literature on the subject.  They watched the powerful movie, Voces Inocentesand then worked in groups from topics that springboarded from the movie.  

Voces Inocentes (English title: Innocent Voices) is a 2004 Mexican film directed by Luis Mandoki.  The plot is set during the Salvadoran Civil War, and is based on writer, ├ôscar Torres's, childhood.  The film serves as a general commentary on the military use of children.  The movie also shows injustice against innocent people who are forced to fight in the war.  It follows the story of the narrator, a boy named Chava  ( from

One of the projects gave a splendid opportunity to the students to have a firsthand experience with the historical background of the movie.  Arrangements were made to meet one survivor of this terrible war, Don Alfonso, who is a resident of Waldwick. 

The students met in a local restaurant with questions they had prepared in class to ask Don Alfonso.  The teacher accompanied and filmed this interview in its entirety.  Don Alfonso told his story to the students and made the facts even more real to them.  Although at first some of the students were a bit apprehensive to ask questions, they were glad they had the opportunity to be there and listen to Don Alfonso.

Here are a few quotes from the students, related to the viewing and discussion of the movie and the global issues of child soldiers.

“This movie has changed my life because I have realized how lucky I am to live in the US”- Marina

“Voces Inocentes was a very informative and emotional movie…I won’t forget this movie and everything that child soldiers and their families have to go through.”- Sabrina

“Learning about child soldiers gave me a new perspective of the world, if anybody asks me to help out child soldiers, I’ll surely jump on the opportunity” Maximiliano

“I think it is important that we learn about what is happening globally, not just where we live.” - Margarita

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Heroes and Cool Kids

Earlier this week, Ms. Hused escorted the Heroes and Cool Kids to the elementary schools for their second visit this year. Great group of student leaders!

Wondering what Heroes and Cool Kids is all about?  

Heroes and Cool Kids is a peer group composed of student-athletes who train with other student-athletes and professional and amateur athletes.  Students develop three lesson plans which they then teach in small teams to all 5th grade students at Traphagen and Crescent Elementary Schools.  
Topics include bullying and sportsmanship, transitions, healthy choices and substance abuse.  Heroes and Cool Kids attend three training sessions and make three classroom visits during the school year. 

Ms. Hused is the advisor of the group and nominations for the club are made by coaches and teachers in the early spring.  

Putting a Bow on the Fall Sports Season

What an amazing Fall Season!!  Last Friday the Booster Club sponsored the Fall Varsity Dinner where 140 students-athletes received their varsity letter.   Thank you to all the athletes, coaches, team mangers/statisticians and parents for all you did to make the Fall season one of the best in school history.  

Special thanks to Mr. Clancy for his leadership and vision for the WHS Athletic Program.  By dedicating their time and attention to detail, Mr. Clancy and his secretary, Mrs. Brewer, make the Waldwick Athletic Department something we are all very proud of.  

Team/Individual Highlights from the Varsity Dinner:

Boys Soccer

All League

First Team:
Dennis Reyes
Andrew Hymson
Matt Gimelli
Sean Hillringhouse
Dan Walsh

Second Team:
Jostin Soriano-Reyes
Chris Cameron
Chris Revello
Dominik Sroczynski

Honorable Mention:
Nick Van Ness


Player of the Year BCBSCA:  Dennis Reyes

Bergen County All-Star Game Participants:
Dennis Reyes
Matt Gimelli

NJIC Scholar Athlete of the Year:  Joe Hurban

Soccer Coaches Association of NJ
All-State Team:
Dennis Reyes & Andrew Hymson

Girls Soccer

All League

First Team:
Erin Cunneely
Kaitlyn Ottavio
Annamarie Puglise

Second Team:
Erin Archer
Sara McLaughlin

Honorable Mention:
Brianna Gallagher


Girls Tennis

First Team Singles:
Sabrina Forte

Honorable Mention:
Caitlin Ullman

Cross Country

Second  Team:
Eugene Sullivan

Girls Volleyball

All League

First Team:
Ariana Chousa

Second Team:
Callie Fucarino
Carly Thompson

Honorable Mention:
Hope Jans


All League

First Team Offense
Jack Hansen
Luke Jimenez
Tyree Lee
First Team-Defense
Ron Kruis

Second Team Offense
Joe Messner
Ryan Casey
Rich Cericola
Evan Pagliei
Nick Dragonetti
Adam Badalamenti
Second Team Defense
Shane Hurley

Honorable Mention Offense
Sean Billies
Honorable Mention Defense
Chris Finn

New York Jets High School Coach of the Week:  Greg Gruzdis


First Place Winner:

UCC Fall Invitational Cheering Competition
Vernon Youth Cheerleading Competition



Winter Sports Season

The Winter Sports Season begins this Friday, December 20.  The teams have been working hard in the pre-season and are focused on accomplishing their goals.

For all athletic schedules you can go to WHS Athletic Calendar  and see schedules for all the WHS teams. If you need directions to away events, please check our league website NJIC and their link for school directions

Opening Weekend Events:

Friday, December 20

4:00 pm Basketball:  Girls Varsity Game vs. Midland Park @ Midland Park High School
4:00 pm Basketball:  Boys Freshman Game vs. Midland Park @ Midland Park High School
5:30 pm Basketball:  Girls JV Game vs. Midland Park @ Midland Park High School
5:30 pm Basketball:  Boys JV Game vs. Midland Park @ Waldwick High School
7:00 pm Basketball:  Boys Varsity Game vs. Midland Park @ Waldwick High School

Saturday, December 21

8:00 am Wrestling:  Varsity Tournament  TBA @ TCNJ
9:00 am Indoor Track:  Varsity Holiday Classic  TBA @ FDU Rothman Center
11:30 am Basketball:  Girls JV Game vs. Ramsey @ Ramsey High School
1:00 pm Basketball:  Girls Varsity Game vs. Ramsey @ Ramsey High School

Sunday, December 22

5:20 pm Basketball:  Boys Varsity Game vs. Pascack Valley @ Ramapo College


Update on PSAT Scores

For all 10th and 11th Grade Students who took the PSAT’s here in October:

We have been advised that we will not receive the PSAT Scores until the week after the holiday break.  Normally we would have received the scores by early December, but the College Board has advised that this year they had a considerable  increase in the amount of students taking the PSAT’s and therefore they have required more time to score the reports.  So some schools have already received the scores, while others (like WHS) will not receive the scores until after the holiday break.

Once we receive the scores we will distribute them to the students and send an email out that the scores were handed out so that parents know when to expect them.

Thank you and we will keep you posted.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Winter Concert - A Musical Success

Congratulations to Mrs. Serwin and the members of the Chorus as well as Mrs. Montella and the Concert Band and Jazz Band on a great Winter Concert.  Special thanks to Ms. Sobkowicz and her students for putting together such a beautiful program.

In case you missed the concert, The Music Parents Association took some great videos of the concert band and Jazz Band.  See links below:

Concert Band Members:

Kurtis Cathey
Kyle  Clarito
Shane  Daly
Bryan Fotino
Ryan Griffin
Joe Hurban
Troy Kariofiles
Chris  Komjian
Giovanni Lindsay
Cara Montella
Joyce Palacios
Chris  Park
Jack Patronick
Kevin Petruccello
Briana  Rago
David Sanchez
Nicole Stahl
Peter Stahl
Jenjira Townsend
Anthony Tutschek
Nick   Webster
Zachary Zaranski

Chorus Members:

Nicholas Colucci

Jazz Band Members:

Liam Blanchard
Kurtis  Cathey
Kyle Clarito
Shane Daly
Bryan Fotino
Ryan Griffin
Joe Hurban
Chris  Komjian
Stephen Kozlowski
Cara Montella
Joyce Palacios
Chris  Park
Jack Patronick
Briana  Rago
David Sanchez
Nicole Stahl
Peter Stahl
Jenjira Townsend
Anthony Tutschek
Nick   Webster
Zachary Zaranski

Thursday, December 12, 2013

The WHS Guidance Dept presents Financial Aid Night

FINANCIAL AID NIGHT January 8, 2014 at 6:30pm in the Little Theater.

This program will provide an excellent opportunity for parents to learn about what aid is
available, and how to apply for it. Parents who have older children, and who have experience in applying for financial aid, will be made aware of recent changes in the financial aid picture.

Financial aid application forms will be available, and will be reviewed on a line-by-line basis.  Additionally, parents will have the opportunity to ask questions related to any aspect of the application process, as well as the various federal and state programs that currently exist.

This presentation is geared more to the senior parents because they will be completing the
FAFSA after January 1st. The junior parents will gain the knowledge about the financial aid process an entire year before they have to complete the FAFSA, to better prepare them when it is their turn to do so.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

FB Championship Game Video

Here are some pictures from last Saturday's Football State Championship Game.   The outcome might not have been what we all wanted, but the coaches and players made all of us extremely proud.   

On behalf on the Waldwick High School Administration, the Midland Park High School Administration and the Football Team, we wanted to thank all of the fans for coming out to the game.  The support for the WARRIORS was amazing!!  

Special thanks to Mrs. Greenwald for the great pictures.  

Monday, December 9, 2013

WHS November Students of the Month

November Students of the Month
2013 – 2014

ANNAMARIE PUGLISE - Annamarie is the Science Department co-recipient of Student of the Month because she is devoted in her pursuit of scientific knowledge.  Anna is very dedicated to science and is currently enrolled in two science courses, Anatomy and Physiology and Advanced Placement Biology.  She is excelling at each, maintaining an average above a 90% in both courses.  Anna is very enthusiastic about her studies and a conscientious student.  She repeatedly questions difficult concepts and shows the inquiry skills needed to study science.

FRANKLIN WEBSTER - Franklin is the Science Department co-recipient of Student of the Month.  Franklyn excels in Anatomy and AP Chemistry.  A combination of academic prowess, work ethic and the ability to reason has made Franklyn a model student.  While he may be quiet, he works with great intensity and thoroughness.  Franklin is currently taking three AP courses and maintains a grade of 90 or higher in each.  Franklyn is very interested in the subject of Anatomy, since he plans on pursuing a career in Physical Therapy.  Franklyn is not afraid to question or add his own incites to the conversation.  He is an active participant in classroom discussions and is willing to push himself inside and outside of the classroom to achieve a high level of understanding in class.

JUSTIN HORUZY - Justin is a senior pursuing a career in Engineering.  He has excellent independent thinking skills and works hard.  From the moment he enters class, he works the entire period.  Although he is in CAD II, Justin has been able to accomplish skills that of a CAD III student.  Justin is also ambitious, participating in design challenges outside the classroom.  One design challenge, sponsored by the Conrad Foundation, accepted entries from around the world.  The other is the State Technology Design Competition held in April at the College of New Jersey.

LUKE JIMENEZ – Luke is a true leader on and off the football field.  He is a hard worker on the field and in the classroom.  Luke is well respected by his peers and is a wonderful role model to the youth in our community.  Balancing athletics and academics can be difficult; however, Luke gets the job done!  Luke’s athletic ability
has helped lead the Warrior Football Team to the State Championship…  We could use a few more Luke's in world!

Nick Bradley Earns Tennis Scholarship

NICOLAS BRADLEY, Class of 2014

We are very excited for Nick! We haven’t had a student receive a Division 1 Athletic Scholarship in a number of years! Nick was offered a Division 1 Athletic Scholarship to play Tennis at the Citadel. Nick signed with the Citadel and will be working with their Head Tennis Coach, Chuck Kriese next year. Nick signed with Citadel in November.

For the third consecutive year, The Citadel has been recognized by U.S. News & World Report as the top public college in the south for institutions granting up to a master's degree. While the internationally renowned South Carolina Corps of Cadets is the traditional centerpiece for the college, they also operate non-military degree and certification programs in The Citadel Graduate College and the Evening Undergraduate Studies program, which appeal to people interested in furthering their education or careers.

Nick has been playing tennis since he was four years old. He has earned various athletic awards throughout his high school career and tennis career. Of these awards, he was a two-time county winner, and a State Singles Finals recipient.

Winter Concert

Friday, December 6, 2013

Wake Up Waldwick (WUW 5 S4)

This weeks episode of Wake Up Waldwick.  

For more great student produced videos check out the official YouTube channel for Waldwick High School - Warrior Broadcast Center 

Thursday, December 5, 2013

State Championship Game

On Saturday, December 7 the Waldwick/Midland Park Football Team will take on Westwood HS in the North I Group 2 State Sectional Championship @ Kean University at 4pm.
This is the second time in school history that the football team has played for the State Championship.  Waldwick won the state championship back in the fall of 1988. 
The team is counting on support from the entire Waldwick community.  Please consider attending the game and being part of the greatest “Fan” section around WarriorNation!  
Ticket price info: $2 students/seniors and $5.50/ adults.
Direction to Kean University -
1000 Morris Ave Union, NJ 07083

  • WarriorNation T-Shirts will be on sale tomorrow in the main entrance from 2:50 - 3:15.
  • WarriorNation Terrable Towels will also be available starting tomorrow.  Towels are $5 each.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Euro Challenge Orientation at Rutgers

Mr. Opderbeck accompanied a group of ninth and tenth grade students to a Euro Challenge orientation session at Rutgers University.  They heard several speakers including European studies professors, economists from the European Delegation, and policy-makers from the New York Federal Reserve.  These students will be participating in the Euro Challenge, a national economics competition in which they analyze an economic issue confronting the Euro Area and recommend policies to address the problem.  For more information about Euro Challenge check out their site:

WHS Soccer Players Honored

    A number of the soccer players were honored at the BCBSCA Awards Dinner held at The Fiesta on Monday, November 25.  Dennis Reyes was recognized as the NJIC Player of the Year, Joe Hurban received the NJIC Scholar Athlete of the Year Award and Dennis Reyes and Matt Gimelli were recognized for earning a spot in the Bergen All-Star game to be held on Wednesday, November 27, in Ft Lee.  Congratulations to these outstanding student-athletes on a fantastic season!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Gift Wrap Collection

Cheerleading Team Success

Congratulations to the Waldwick/Midland Park Cheerleading squad for winning yet another competition this past Sunday. 

The competition was the UCC Fall Invitational Competition held at Fairleigh Dickinson University.  The girls won overall champions in the "cheer" and "cheer/dance" category.  Thank you Coach Terzini and Coach Gomez for a great fall season. 

Congratulations to Emily Borgese and Alyssia Pacheco for earning second degree of excellences for doubles dance.  

Congratulations to Shayna O'Reilly, Bridget Coumbe and Katie Para for earning first degree of  excellences for triple dance.