WHS November Students of the Month

November Students of the Month
2013 – 2014

ANNAMARIE PUGLISE - Annamarie is the Science Department co-recipient of Student of the Month because she is devoted in her pursuit of scientific knowledge.  Anna is very dedicated to science and is currently enrolled in two science courses, Anatomy and Physiology and Advanced Placement Biology.  She is excelling at each, maintaining an average above a 90% in both courses.  Anna is very enthusiastic about her studies and a conscientious student.  She repeatedly questions difficult concepts and shows the inquiry skills needed to study science.

FRANKLIN WEBSTER - Franklin is the Science Department co-recipient of Student of the Month.  Franklyn excels in Anatomy and AP Chemistry.  A combination of academic prowess, work ethic and the ability to reason has made Franklyn a model student.  While he may be quiet, he works with great intensity and thoroughness.  Franklin is currently taking three AP courses and maintains a grade of 90 or higher in each.  Franklyn is very interested in the subject of Anatomy, since he plans on pursuing a career in Physical Therapy.  Franklyn is not afraid to question or add his own incites to the conversation.  He is an active participant in classroom discussions and is willing to push himself inside and outside of the classroom to achieve a high level of understanding in class.

JUSTIN HORUZY - Justin is a senior pursuing a career in Engineering.  He has excellent independent thinking skills and works hard.  From the moment he enters class, he works the entire period.  Although he is in CAD II, Justin has been able to accomplish skills that of a CAD III student.  Justin is also ambitious, participating in design challenges outside the classroom.  One design challenge, sponsored by the Conrad Foundation, accepted entries from around the world.  The other is the State Technology Design Competition held in April at the College of New Jersey.

LUKE JIMENEZ – Luke is a true leader on and off the football field.  He is a hard worker on the field and in the classroom.  Luke is well respected by his peers and is a wonderful role model to the youth in our community.  Balancing athletics and academics can be difficult; however, Luke gets the job done!  Luke’s athletic ability
has helped lead the Warrior Football Team to the State Championship…  We could use a few more Luke's in world!