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Grad Ball - Class of 2018 Fundraiser - Moe's at School

Moe's at School 

Enjoy Moe's Southwest Grill at school on November 7th (Minimum Day for all students) 
See link for more details and the order forms.  All forms should be returned to the main office by Friday, November 3. 
This is open to all HS and MS students and staff.  

Order Form - 11/7 Moe's at School

One Special Day @ WHS

This past Friday was one of my top five days all time as an educator!  Let me explain ...
You see, as a Principal I try each and everyday to make sure my students, teachers and staff feel valued, respected and cared about at our school. I write notes, send cards, handout out pins, give high fives, listen and most importantly talk with everyone to let them know I care.

This year I started a new tradition at Waldwick High School, the Ownit Award. The Ownit Award @ WHS is a framed picture signed by every staff member as a commitment to "Be Present" for our students at WHS. Staff members, students and parents can all nominate someone that they feel went above and beyond.
I never imagined this framed picture would have such an amazing impact on our school, but it has. Students, teachers, staff, parents are all sharing with me amazing stories and examples of why certain individuals should receive the award. Letting people know their actions matter and are appreciated is pretty speci…

Changes to the WHS Principal's Blog

I started to update the look of this blog and of course it didn't go exactly as planned. Some of the old posts did not transfer over as smoothly as I was hoping.  No going back now, so I will be updating old posts over the next few weeks.
*If there is a specific post you are looking for and it hasn't been updated please reach out.

WHS September Students of the Month

JOSEPH SAFFIOTI - Joseph is  a sophomore enrolled in French 3 and is a constant learner.  He truly loves to acquire new information and is always ready for friendly competition!  Joe consistently uses his time wisely in class and is an independent thinker who strives for success.  A model for others, Joe constantly raises the bar around him.
EMILY KAWASH - Emily is a sophomore enrolled in Spanish 3 class and has shown a great deal of skill, enthusiasm and willingness to improve her Spanish since day one.  She is always prepared, works well with other peers in the class and keeps her spirits up and those of her team.  Emily is a hard worker and will certainly learn and grow this year and in years to come!
JARED RAMUNDO - Jared, a senior, is enrolled in three Technology Education courses this year and is doing an excellent job in each one.  He is leading his class with the number of CAD activities taking the class twice a day and focusing on paying attention to det…

Back to School Night (Video) 2017

Thank you to all the parents/guardians that attended this year's Back to School Night.  We are looking forward to a great year! If you couldn't make it last night here is my Back to School Night opening video.