Scavenger Hunt in Union City

WHS students in Ms. Monell’s Spanish 4H and 5H put their skills to the test recently as they looked for various items related to the Spanish culture along Bergenline Avenue in Union City to practice their Spanish speaking skills in a fun and interesting way, while learning about the Spanish culture.

After leaving the bus around 9:30 am, the group walked along Bergenline Avenue from 32nd Street uptown to 54th Street.  They sampled the food and the culture that Union City Spanish heritage has to offer, starting with a quick view of the Celia Cruz museum.  It was very timely since the students are studying Spanish music in Spanish 4 Honors.

Students had a specific list of items, such as:  "Arnica," a special flour for foods; "Moise’s," an ornate cradle; and, "Tamaño 43," to determine the equivalent of the US shoe size.  They needed to communicate with the Spanish speakers of the area.  In addition to the scavenger hunt for information, they also had to eat in Spanish eateries; there are Colombian, Spanish, Puerto Rican, Peruvian restaurants along the streets.  It was a rich cultural experience and the students had many great comments including: “Señora the people of Union City were so nice and friendly,”  “The food is delicious,” and “Señora, can we do this again next year?” Trips such as this allow students to grow and acquire a global education.