Confirm Username and Password for WHS Accounts

As we get closer to the start of a new school year, one way to be sure you are ready is to check usernames and passwords.

Waldwick High School uses a few web-based sites that require a username and password. The summer is a great time to confirm you have your username and password for each of the sites.  It also might be a good idea to change your password for security reasons.  I would suggest finding a place/site/App to help you keep track of all the user names and passwords that have become part of our lives.

Here is a blog related to the importance of good passwords 10 Important Password Tips Everyone Should Know by Viki Davis)

Family Connection from Naviance® is a web-based program that links counselors and schools with students and parents to improve college and career planning. We are pleased to make this resource available to all of our high school students and families in addition to, and as a complement to, the array of college-related speakers and seminars we already offer at Waldwick High School.

While we anticipate heaviest usage of this program among our juniors and seniors, many of our younger students and their parents will find this tool to be helpful in longer-term planning. The Career component in Naviance makes this program an ideal site for our 9th and 10th graders to investigate career paths using the various personality and work related surveys to assist them in these endeavors. Think of Naviance as an Online Organizer between school and home. Guidance utilizes the data you record in Naviance to enhance your post-graduate plans.

We use the email feature in Naviance as the primary communication tool between Guidance, students and parents regarding announcements, publications and the like. Email should be checked a few times a week by all students and parents. Seniors are the exception – as they should check their Email on a daily basis.

Support: Please email Ms. Cassidy, Guidance Secretary if you need help with your username or password.


The Genesis Parent Access portal is a safe and secure way for parents to view many of their child's school records for the school year.  Through the Genesis Parent Access portal, parents can access information about their child's class schedule, attendance, teacher's grade-book, report cards and forms. Parents can also make changes to contact information.

Genesis Student Access

Through the Genesis Student Access portal, students can access information about their class schedule, attendance, teacher's grade-book and report cards.

Support: Please email Mrs. Altomare if you need help with your username or password.

Honeywell Alert  

Honeywell Instant Alert- This is the school district's notification system for weather related school closings and emergencies. Directions related to Honeywell.