September - Students of the Month


World Language
Sal Orsino - Sal is a dedicated and responsible Senior.  He is comfortable taking risks with the language, enjoys learning new things and is participates actively in Spanish class.  His teacher, Ms. Monell, sees him learning more of the language next year in college and also traveling abroad to broaden his cultural experience. Congratulations to Sal on his accomplishments in Spanish and beyond.

Joe Hurban - Joe a Junior currently enrolled in Design and Engineering and CAD II. He is at the top of his class no matter what class he enters.  His work shows that he has a genuine interest and a desire to do his best.  He always turns in his work on time and complete.  In CAD I he advanced ahead of his class and finished the year competing in a state design competition.  CAD I students don't normally compete; however, Joe was up to the challenge.  His biggest asset is that he can think for himself and he is ambitious.

Sabrina Forte – Sabrina is a Sophomore tennis player.  She is a dedicated athlete who takes both her schoolwork and her sports very seriously and demonstrates the qualities of good sportsmanship.  Sabrina recently achieved the second round in the County tournament at third singles and when playing Saddle River Day, Sabrina beat her opponent 7-5, (tie break 7-4).  She remained cool, calm and collected on the court.