WHS Athletic Department News - Baseline Testing for Fall Student-Athletes

Image from www.impacttest.com
Waldwick High School will be providing all athletes with the Impact Baseline Test. This is a preventative measure that will help reduce prolonged brain injury.  Impact provides a computerized neurocognitive assessment that measures levels such as reaction time and memory.  When a head injury occurs, the baseline score will be compared to a post test that the athlete would have to take.  A doctor will not allow an athlete back on the playing field until the post test score is at an acceptable level when compared to the athlete’s baseline test.  Additional information on Impact Testing can be found on the website www.impacttest.com.

 The baseline test will be administered by the Athletic Trainer beginning August 12th.  Because the impact test is good for two years, we will be testing all incoming freshman, juniors, and new athletes.  This will help us get on a two year cycle.  

This is an online test that takes about twenty five minutes to complete.   In the event that an athlete suffers a head injury, the parents are required to take their son/daughter to a physician that offers the post test.  The school will only be providing the baseline test for each athlete in the high school. 

Below is the schedule in which the athletes are asked to come to the Media Center and take the test.  Remember, Impact Testing this year will be for incoming freshman, juniors, and new athletes.   Winter and Spring athletes will be tested prior to the start of that season.   

8/12: 8:00am fooball/ 9am boys soccer
8/13: 8:00am volleyball/ 9am cheer
8/14: 8:00am girls tennis/9am x-country
8/15: 8:00am girls soccer

If you have any questions please contact:

Assistant Principal/Athletic Director

Jeff Basilicato -Basilicatoj@waldwick.k12.nj.us 
Athletic Trainer