WHS October Students of the Month

October Students of the Month 2013 – 2014

Ellie DeIanni - Ellie is the Language Arts student of the Month because she is a true scholar of literature.  Because she loves the subject so much, she is taking two high level English classes this year in order to focus on writing and reading and hone her skills even more.  She’s an outstanding student in both Humanities 12 and AP Literature and Composition, constantly questioning the writer’s ideas and bringing an enthusiasm to the discussions.   As a writer, she stands out for the complexity she offers in her ideas.

NICOLE STAHL - Nicole is currently enrolled in Advanced Placement Art Drawing.  She is a very talented young lady who has a huge passion for art.  She also takes classes outside of school for painting and brings these learned skills into the classroom to inspire her fellow classmates.  Nicole is very helpful with the other students and often offers suggestions and demonstrations to encourage her peers to better their own work.  Nicole will be highly missed in the Art Room next year.  Her college plans are to attend Art School in NYC. 

SEAN BILLIESSean, a junior, has done an excellent job with WHS Graphics for the Athletic Department.  He re-designed our weekly Football Program cover, and designed a special Homecoming cover.  Sean has also spent a great deal of time working on the 50th Anniversary/Homecoming posters, and will be helping with the Varsity Dinner Programs.  He is creative, professional and is attentive to timelines and deadlines.