WHS February Students of the Month

February Students of the Month
2013 – 2014


MOLLY LUMINO – Molly, a junior, is a Consumer Science Co-Recipient of Student of
the Month.  Molly started off the year with a strong emphasis in Consumer Science bringing talent, creativity, and a welcoming sense of community to the program.
HEATHER ZAMBARDI – Heather, a junior, is a Consumer Science Co-Recipient of Student of the Month.  Heather volunteers as a classroom assistant by helping other students and evaluating coursework, while completing her own labs, especially the beautiful top she created.

Both students work hard to advance the program through difficult recipes, catering events and designing sewing projects.  Whether working in a group, or thinking something up individually, Molly and Heather depict Consumer Science style and school spirit cheerfully and enthusiastically.


SHAYNA O’REILLY – Shayna, a senior, is an integral part of the Drama Club.  In addition to her heavy class load and responsibilities to cheering, Shayna has stepped up to be a true leader for the Drama Club.  Her creativity and ingenuity has allowed her to choreograph two shows at the same time; both of which were completely different genres.  If this wasn’t impressive enough, Shayna was also cast as one of the principal characters in “Legally Blonde,” earning the role of “Brook Wyndham.”  Her dedication to the Arts and the success of the shows she is working on is what makes Shayna a leader among the cast and a stand-out member of the Drama Club.


EMILY BORGESE – Emily, a senior, was captain of the cheerleading squad for
the winter season.  She was a great leader and role model to her team.  Emily helped the freshmen and underclassmen throughout the entire season.  She was extremely dedicated and took on many responsibilities in leading the girls and assisting with all of the cheering tasks.   Emily attended every meeting, practice and game during the winter season.