WHS March Students of the Month

March Students of the Month
2016 – 2017


JASON MANGANO - Jason, a junior, is dedicated to working to his highest potential.  He actively participates in all aspects of Physical Education class; along with coming in early to class to help set up the equipment and staying late after to put it away.  There are never any complaints and Jason does what is expected of him at all times.


PATRICK KEASTEAD - There are many passionate and enthusiastic students in TV Production; however, Patrick's passion has not waned since the 8th grade.  Patrick, a junior, showcased his terrific writing skills in his movie reviews for Video Club.  In TV Production 1 and 2 his work has progressed.  Now, as a member of Wake Up Waldwick, Patrick displays a great understanding of technical skills and storytelling.  Patrick was the main producer for "The Office" spin-off, "The Studio," and is currently writing and producing a short film drama called "Cups."  Patrick is serious about his pursuits in class. One day you might see his name on the big screen if he continues to work hard at it.


WILLIAM FREDERIC Will is a junior on the Boys Lacrosse team this spring.  He was recently voted Captain by his teammates for this season.  Will scored 3 goals in a 6-5 opening day win over Paramus on March 29.  He is looking to lead the Boys Lacrosse team to a successful season this year after a rebuilding year last year.  Will is respectful to his coaches, teammates, and opponents.  He has a passion for the game of Lacrosse and represents Warrior Nation the right way.