WHS April Students of the Month

April Students of the Month
2016 – 2017


YEIMI REQUENO SALMERON - Yeimi, a freshman, earned a 98 in ESL third marking period and has also achieved the Waldwick High School Honor Roll for two consecutive marking periods.  Yeimi’s motivation to learn English and her incredible work ethic have helped her to acquire the language very quickly.  Within less than a year of beginning to study English, Yeimi began earning grades high enough to achieve honor roll.  We are excited to see her continue on this path and to find out where she decides to use her talents in the future.

JASON WHITE - Jason, a freshman, is a hard worker who is kind to others.  He is extremely friendly and is well-liked by teachers and students.  Jason comes to school every day, works extremely hard in his classes and is determined to succeed.  He shares insightful comments during class discussions and asks great questions.  Jason is a creative problem solver who can solve amazingly complicated puzzles.  He is most likely going to invent something amazing one day!!!


MAGGIE JOHNSON - Maggie, a junior, is the Child Development Student of the Month.  Maggie is always working positively in the Kids, Kids, Kids Program and has maintained exceptional academic status in Child Development all year.  She is planning and creating the Kids, Kids, Kids Graduation Yearbook in Software Applications.  Maggie is always smiling and is a pleasant force in all of our days.   


SARAH ARMSTRONG Sarah, a senior on the softball team this spring.  She is the Captain of the Softball Team and is the vocal and emotional leader.  A 4-year starter, Sarah has our team at 6-2 and in a great position to lead us into the County and State Tournaments.  She is also having her best statistical season, but offers so much more than that.  Sarah arranged winter workouts, ran a clothing fundraiser and communicates with her teammates admirably well.  She has hosted team-building events also.  Lastly, and most importantly, she was part of the "passing of the guard" recently as she helped formally introduce the new members of Waldwick's National Honor Society, a group she earned her way onto through her own academic achievements.  She's just a great athlete, student and Waldwick Warrior.

RYAN REYNOLDS Ryan, a senior, is an outstanding leader on the Boys Tennis Team this spring.  Due to his play and effort this season, he has gained the respect of all players on the team.  As the Captain this year, Ryan has set an example of the benefits of hard work, dedication and desire.  He has compiled an individual record of 5-2 at second singles while playing some of the toughest competitors in Bergen County.  More importantly, Ryan has exhibited extreme grit, hustle and a winning attitude.  He has earned the respect and admiration of other coaches in the league through his sportsmanship and hustle.  Not only does Ryan excel on the athletic field; he is also a fine scholar, ranking near the top of his class.  Ryan is the ultimate Waldwick Warrior.