Athletic Paperwork for the Fall Athletes (Genesis Forms are Open)

Athletic Paperwork for the Fall 2018 - Guest post from Jeff Basilicato (Boz)

The fall season is almost upon us and the deadline of August 1 to hand in fall paperwork is even closer. I wanted to reach out to explain exactly which four items are needed in order to be cleared for participation for the fall season. The following links contain the files and information required for participation. These forms must be completed in full, and without errors or they will be returned for completion.

Required Athletic Paperwork for High School Sports (Link)

A few notes:

-The physical must be completed in full and signed by the student, parent and physician in all the applicable places. Please take care to note before leaving the doctor's office that all values (height, weight, vision etc.) must be filled in or the physical will be returned for completion.

-If the athlete sees an eye doctor, the physician who performs the physical might not perform a vision exam. In this case, a copy of an eye glass or contacts prescription must be provided.

-All athletes participating in a fall sport need to fill out a Health History Update (Item 2). While this is exactly the same form that was filled out for summer practices, the state considers the summer and fall separate seasons. Therefore, an additional HHU needs to be filled out for the fall season, as it does for Winter and Spring.

If you have any other questions or concerns, please contact Jeff Basilicato via email, as I will not be in my office until August 1. Thanks and enjoy the rest of summer!

Jeff Basilicato (Boz)