New Staff at WHS - Albina Aljovic

Albina Aljovic - Learning Disabilities Teacher Consultant (LDTC) 

I asked each new staff member to answer a few questions about themselves.  

Can you tell us a little bit about your background?

I grew up in Brooklyn and Queens with my siblings Romeo and Juliet (yes, my parents loved Shakespeare). I attended Baruch College in New York, where I majored in Advertising. After I got married to Haris and had my first son, Harry (now 19), I moved to New Jersey and worked on my degree in elementary education. I've worked in a Newark Charter School for over 13 years as a classroom teacher, and most recently as the Reading Recovery teacher. During this time, I pursued my Masters degree in Special Education (LDT-C) at William Paterson University. My youngest son, Dylan, is a 13 year old middle-school student.

What made you choose Education as a career?

Education has been my passion since I was a young child. As the middle child, I was always competing for attention, and insisting that my brother and sister pose as my students was a passion of mine. I was quite creative using household items as my classroom props (such as the dining room table as a makeshift chalkboard). It was Mrs. Rosen in first grade who, with her kind and caring way, cemented my path for the future. She awakened in me my "calling" to teach. Little did I know that I would attempt to imitate her in my classrooms for years to come. Igniting passion in children has made education the only career choice for me.

What appealed to you about Waldwick High School?

Since I live in nearby Wyckoff, Waldwick High School seemed to be an ideal setting for me. Having come to many sporting events with my boys over the years, I found Waldwick to be a warm, inviting, and loving community. I feel that these are my kids, my colleagues, and now my family. Having the opportunity to contribute to this community is fulfilling a life-long dream of mine. 

Tell us something interesting about yourself?

I love to bake - especially bread! I actually enjoy reading cookbooks in their entirety. Some people think that's odd.