WHS January Students of the Month

January Students of the Month
2013 – 2014

NICHOLAS TORTORELLI – Nick, a senior, is enrolled in three business courses:  Accounting, Introduction to Business and Personal Finance.  He is doing very well in all three classes.  Nick participates actively in class discussions and is willing to help when necessary.  He shows interest in the subject matter, demonstrates good skills and recognizes that it is important in business to be organized and have good manners and communication skills.  Nick demonstrates these qualities.  He works within the calendar of the curriculum as the online assignments are posted and have due dates.  Nick is thoughtful and gets along well with other classmates.  He does outside volunteer activities working with younger children and umpiring at games indicating leadership and responsibility.  Nick’s abilities have enabled him to succeed outside the classroom in sports where he has been able to demonstrate skills in teamwork.

CHRISTOPHER KOMJIAN Chris, a junior, has been a valuable member of the band program for several years.  He takes his commitment to band seriously and strives to do his best on all of the percussion instruments he plays.  Chris has worked hard to improve his music reading skills and has shown a tremendous amount of improvement in this area over the past two years.  His growth as a xylophone player and willingness to work on the instrument has added to the percussion section and the band as a whole.  In addition to his contributions as a Concert Band member, Chris plays the quads in Marching Band and has served as the percussion captain for the past two seasons.  Congratulations, Chris!  

DOUGLAS PALMADESSA – Doug, a senior this year, continues to strengthen his leadership skills on and off the court.  He is a positive force among his peers and continues to motivate teammates in both good and tough times.  He was recently voted North Jersey Section 1 Best Basketball Player, receiving more than 60,000 votes.  Doug continues to enthusiastically promote school spirit and pride throughout Waldwick High School.