WHS March Students of the Month

March Students of the Month
2013 – 2014

ERIN SCOTT – Erin is currently a student in 10th Grade, 8th Period Physical Education Class.  She has an outstanding, positive attitude during her time spent in PE class.  Her positive attitude is seen through her effort during her participation in PE class.  Erin is always well-behaved, courteous, and respectful to other students.  Due to her performance mentally and physically, it is the PE/Health Department’s pleasure to select Erin as Student of the  Month for March.

SPYROS KATSIHTIS – Spyros, a junior, has had a voracious appetite for TV Production since the 8th grade.  His body of work speaks for itself from a big hit music video, “White Nerdy,” to last year’s “Slackers,” which he filmed during his study hall, unofficially enrolling in TV 4 class last year.  This year, his group trekked into Brooklyn to film a behind the scenes documentary on Diners.  Spyros has talent and the drive; two characteristics to start a successful future.  In a class filled with students who are talented and hard-working, Spyros has distanced himself from the pack.

CARLY TYUKODY – Carly is a senior, 4-year player in the softball program and a standout student.  She is a leader in the classroom and on the field.  Carly has proven to be a great role model for the 25 freshmen and sophomores in the softball program because of her dedication to her school work while balancing athletics.  Next year, as a result of her academic successes, she will further her education at either Quinnipiac or Sacred Heart University.