Important message about the Championship FB Game

As we get closer to the big football game on Saturday, I thought it was important to remind everyone that this game is about the players and coaches who have worked extremely hard to get to this point.  The GAME is the show!   I have heard a lot talk from students, parents and alumni about tailgating at MetLife prior to the game.  Getting together before the game is great and a perfect way to bring Warrior Nation together.  

With that said, this is a high school event.  Yes we are playing at MetLife Stadium where the Jets and Giants play but we cannot tailgate in the same manner that goes on at those games.  

Have your steaks and burgers on the grill, eggs, bacon and bagels on the table, chips, pretzels & crackerjacks in the bowls and coolers filled with soda, juice and water.  Have a catch in the parking lot or play Cornhole.  Play music and sit around and talk until game time.    
  • My hope is that the adults act like adults and set a great example, understanding that this is a high school event
  • My expectation for the students is that there will be no issues  
I’m sure this post will offend some people and I understand that; however.  I truly believe Saturday needs to be about the players, coaches and THE GAME!

Waldwick High School, Midland Park High School and both communities are extremely proud of what this team has accomplished and want everyone to enjoy the game on Saturday and be in the right state of mind.  LET'S GO WARRIORS!!!!!


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