Character = #Ownit @ WHS

Starting this year we will be honoring students for acts of HIGH Character throughout the school year.  In Waldwick High School terms, that means the students that #Ownit. For the month of September we honored 12 students for displaying what #Ownit is all about.  Each student received a WHS Warrior Head pin with the word #Ownit.  

Congratulations goes to:

Amelia Apgar
Brianna Fleming
Callie Fucarino
Amanda Giampaglia
Christian Gormley
Michaela MacFarran
Chris Park
Sarah Peepall
Gerber Requeno
Joshua Sheriff
Erin Smith
Dylan Yang

For the month of September, the #Ownit Student(s) of the Month goes to Amelia Apgar and Brianna Fleming for their outstanding act of character.