WHS September Students of the Month

September Students of the Month
2015 – 2016


MICHAELA MAC FARRAN - Michaela is in her fourth year of learning and studying the Spanish language.  She has shown consistent growth in her proficiency.  Michaela continues to take risks inside and outside the classroom by using her language skills in different situations, including incorporating her cultural knowledge in her personal interests.


DANIEL SCHERB - Dan, a senior in CAD 4, has maintained a 100 average for two years straight.  He has demonstrated an advanced ability not seen before in Waldwick.  He competes in design competitions and is on the STEM team.  Dan’s ambition, combined with ability and talent, will take him anywhere he wants to go!


DANIELA AVAGNANO Daniela, a junior on the varsity Volleyball Team, has really stepped up to the plate so far this season.  She is a player who has had to take on two different roles separate from her own to help out the team this year.  Early in the season she became one of our team's setters because of a need and she had never set before, she did an amazing job and never complained about the challenge.  The last week in September she was moved into the position of Libero due to another injured player.  Once again, Daniela moved into the role without argument or hesitation and always had a positive attitude.  She had a season high scoring game with 19 digs against Park Ridge.  Daniela has earned the respect of both the coaches and players on the team.  The volleyball team would not be where it is without her.

JAMES NOYES James was selected as a Captain of the Boys Soccer Team for his senior season.  He has taken on the challenge by scoring a team high of ten goals, leading the team to seven straight wins to end the month of September.  James has also been getting the job done in the classroom as well through the first month of school.  He is averaging an “A” in each of his classes, including two AP level courses.  James is everything a Warrior student-athlete should be.