Change to Math Sequence for Class of 2020

Waldwick High School is excited to announce we are changing our math sequence starting with the Class of 2020 (Current 8th Graders).  Starting this September, all incoming freshman will be taking Geometry and the new college prep sequence will be Geometry, Algebra 1, Algebra 2 and Pre-Calculus.  This change does not affect the honors sequence.  

After two years of researching the advantages of making this change, we determined this would be best for the students of Waldwick High school.  This proposed change was presented to the Board of Education at two of the Curriculum Committee meetings (October 2015 & January 2016)  and spoken about at the February 8 Board Meeting.  Some of the key reasons for this change are:

  • All classes K-8 have Geometry standards in their curriculum
  • High School Algebra 1 does not have any Geometry standards; therefore, it is more beneficial to move Geometry closer to the MS level and Algebra 1 to come before Algebra 2
  • With the new common core standards in 8th grade, the 8th grade students are being taught enough Algebra skills to be successful in Geometry

We truly believe this will be a great benefit for our students and have a positive impact on the overall math program at WHS.