Everything you need to know about PARCC Testing at WHS

PARCC Testing at WHS will begin in late April for the 9th, 10th and 11th graders.  Each day testing will begin at 8:05 AM.  Room assignments will be shared with the students via their Homeroom and Math teachers. 

PARCC Testing Schedule for ELA
Grade Level
Wednesday 4/20
ELA Unit 1
9, 10, 11
110 Minutes
Thursday, 4/21
ELA Unit 2
9, 10, 11
110 Minutes
Friday 4/22
ELA Unit 3
9, 10, 11
90 Minutes

PARCC Testing Schedule for Math 

Grade Level
Monday 4/25
Math Unit 1 & 2
Algebra 1
Algebra 2
90 Minutes each
Tuesday, 4/26
Math Unit 3
Algebra 1
Algebra 2
90 Minutes

Daily schedule after testing has concluded

Wednesday, 4/20 Period 3 (10:15 - 10:46) & Period 4 (10:48 - 11:20)

Thursday, 4/21 Period 1 (10:15 - 10:46) & Period 2 (10:48 - 11:20)

Friday, 4/22 Period 3 (9:55 - 10:36) & Period 4 (10:38 - 11:20)

Monday, 4/25 We will move to period 5 when testing is complete

Tuesday, 4/26 Period 1 (9:55 - 10:36) & Period 2 (10:38 - 11:20)
*Normal schedule will start after 11:20 each day

Information for Seniors

Seniors will have a delayed opening during the testing days. Each morning the seniors will report to the HS gym for attendance. Please note the different times for each day. Some AP classes will be running review sessions in the morning. The AP teachers will notify the students regarding dates and times.

  • Wednesday, 4/20 - 1oam
  • Thursday, 4/21 - 10am
  • Friday, 4/22 - 9:40am
  • Monday, 4/25 - 10am
  • Tuesday, 4/26 - 9am (Assembly)
Information for Junior in AP English and Math courses above Algebra 2
Juniors that are enrolled in AP English and Composition are not required to sit for PARCC ELA 11 Assessment. In addition Juniors that are in Honors PreCalculus or PreCalculus do not have to take the Math PARCC Assessment.  These students will have a delayed opening and need to report by 9:30 each day to the HS gym.  Some AP classes will be running review sessions in the morning. The AP teachers will notify the students regarding dates and times.

Information on Graduation Requirements related to PARCC

Back in December I posted information about the Graduation Requirements for the class of 2016, 2017, 2018, & 2019 on the WHS Principal's Blog.

The PARCC assessment provides a much more detailed profile of student achievement than what was previously available through the NJASK and HSPA tests. This data will be used by teachers in developing an instructional program that will best meet the needs of their students. Teachers will be able to clearly identify those areas where students have secure command of the standards and those areas where proficiency has not yet been attained.

Since the New Jersey Department of Education requires student participation in these assessments, there is no approved "opt out" by which parents can elect to have their child(ren) exempt from taking the test. If parents choose to refuse to allow their child to take the PARCC assessment, they must submit something in writing (Email or Letter will be accepted) to the high school administration.

I am requesting that parents whose children will be refusing to test please notify me by Friday, April 1, to enable us to make the necessary entries into the PARCC system and establish testing logistics for the building.

Students who will not be participating in the PARCC testing will be reporting to the gym by 8:05 AM for an extended study hall each day. There will be no alternate instruction for those students refusing to test.

Be prepared for Testing (Get a good night sleep and have a healthy breakfast)
What to Bring
Chromebook fully charged
Two #2 pencils
Earbuds/Headphones - All five days
Calculator (TI-84 or compatible) Math days only 4/25 & 4/26
Recreational book

Do Not Bring

Phone or any electric device
Food or Drink