NJSIAA Message - True Purpose of High School Athletics

Great message form the NJSIAA (New Jersey Interscholastic Athletic Association) that all fans, parents, coaches and athletes should read! 

(The below write up came directly from the NJSIAA press release) 

NJSIAA op-ed highlights true purpose of high school athletics 
Exec. Director Timko says many have lost sight of connection to education, benefits 

ROBBINSVILLE, NJ (September 6, 2016) – With the 2016 school year beginning this week, NJSIAA Executive Director Steve Timko has released an opinion piece reminding fans, parents, and players of the purpose of scholastic athletics. The op-ed, 
The True Meaning of High School Sports”, attempts to reemphasize the crucial educational component of sports and athletic extracurriculars students engage in. 

“The true reason we have athletic competition for high school students is to further extend the reach of classroom education,” wrote Timko. “That’s the reason scholastic sports developed in the first place, more than a century ago, and that’s why they continue to exist.” 

The op-ed is available on Medium.com via this link: The True Meaning of High School Sports 

“High school athletics are entertaining…not entertainment,” added Timko. “They aren’t primarily about state championships, earning scholarships, or even running for Team USA.”

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