Course Selections for the Class of 2021

On Wednesday, February 1, the high school guidance counselors, Mrs. Gastman and Mrs. Fortini met with the eighth grade students regarding their schedule for next year.  Students were given a course request sheet that needs to be filled out and returned on Monday, February 6, to the Guidance Office.

Below are two important links which should be reviewed:

The Course Selection Guide gives a description of all courses offered at WHS. 

All 9th graders are required to take our Blueprint course, which runs the first semester of the year, followed by a student selected elective.  Students should use the link below to make their elective selection.

Any student interested in being part of the Honors Program needs to indicate that on the Google form.  

*(Students need to be logged into their Waldwick account to fill out the form)

The Scheduling tab will be available on Parent Access in mid March for you to review final teacher recommendations and your child's selections.  An email will be sent to advise when the tab is available.

I understand this is new to most of the parents/guardians; however, I am available to answer any questions that you might have.  

Please email or call me if you have any questions.  

Mr. Carroll
201-652-9000 ext 5000