WHS January Students of the Month

January Students of the Month
2016 – 2017


ANNA BODDY - Anna, a senior, is enrolled in Entrepreneurship and has really taken a leadership role in class, as well as truly putting a great effort into her Music School Business Plan Project.  She did an outstanding job in the second quarter earning a 99 average.  Anna’s dedication and work ethic make her a deserving recipient of this honor!


DANIELLE VILLAROSA - Danielle, a junior, plays the trumpet in Concert Band, Jazz Band and Marching Band.  She has demonstrated great improvement with her range and technique during the past year.  Danielle strives to be the best musician she can be.  This fall she auditioned for County Band and she performed with the Caldwell College Honor Band.  Arranging and creating music are other areas of interest for Danielle.  In addition to being a talented improviser in Jazz Band, Danielle also arranges music for small ensembles so her family can play together at home.   Congratulations, Danielle and keep up the good work!


JESSICA TURNER Jessica Turner is a junior and one of the two girls basketball team’s captains this year.  She has done a fantastic job as a leader in her junior season.  During the month of January, Jessica has averaged 13 points per game and scored a career high 27 at Wallington on January 20.  Jessica is a big contributor in many other categories as well.  She is averaging 8 rebounds per game along with 3.5 assists per game and was credited with 23 steals for the month of January.  Jessica has been an excellent student this school year, currently carrying straight A's in all of her classes. The future is bright for Jessica Turner and the Waldwick Girls Basketball Team!

JOSEPH PARSONS Joe is a junior and team captain on the Wrestling Team this winter.  He leads by example with his work ethic, determination to succeed and his desire to see others succeed around him.  Joe communicates effectively with other team members to make certain the logistics are understood and to help them improve on the mat.  Joe currently has the best record on the team at 22-4.  He is an A/B student who made the honor roll first marking period of this year.  As a three sport varsity athlete, Joe is the ultimate student-athlete.