Sean Fisher 10th Anniversary Memorial Event

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Sean Fisher 10th Anniversary Memorial Event
Sunday, August 19 at 5 PM - 7 PM
Waldwick High School Turf

Sean Fisher passed away ten years ago this upcoming August. To honor his life, we want to hold a ceremony. We want to bring not only bring Sean’s classmates together but more importantly the Waldwick community as a whole. Our goal is to raise as much money as possible with all proceeds going to the Sean Fisher Memorial Foundation. We want to raise awareness for early age heart condition screening.

What is a better way to celebrate Sean's life and bring people together than with great music? We are challenging you to create a team and showcase your musical talents for a great cause. No musical talent, no problem! Bring your car singing skills and mirror dancing moves to our Air Band competition! For those of you who are not familiar with Air Band, do not worry. All you need is your favorite song, some close friends, and a sweet dance routine. No singing required! See the link below for some direction:
Remember - practice, practice, practice! The competition will be ready to bring it! Each team will be asked to make a $50 donation (admission will be waived for those participating) and 1st place will win a Grand Prize which will be announced at the event. The event will start at 5:00 and will be $5 to get in.
If you are not interested in participating, different outdoor games will be set up and refreshments will be served. The Air Band competition will start at 5:30 sharp, so don’t be late! Let’s all get together for a great cause and to celebrate Sean’s life!

We will also be taking donations through GoFundMe, which can be found at proceeds go directly to the Sean Fisher Memorial Foundation!