Welcome Back Post 18-19 School Year

Ready for your kids to go back to school? Tired of your kids on Fortnite all day? Well our doors will be opening on Wednesday, September 5 and we can't wait to see them! Below is some information related to the start of school and a funny Fortnite video that I'm sure many of you can relate to. 

September 5 we will follow a Special Schedule where all classes will meet.
There is no Homeroom so everyone will report to their Period 1 class by 8am.
Students should bring a copy of their schedule or a screen shot.
Health classes will start on Thursday, 9/6. All students should report to the Gym on the first day.  Science Labs will not start until Thursday, 9/13.
Locker # and combination are available on Genesis, as well as on your schedule.

2nd Year for the Rotating Drop Schedule  - General Info

  • Our schedule is described as a "Rotating Drop" schedule. We follow a four day rotation, with two classes dropped per day. Each class is 59 minutes and everyone will have a common lunch for 50 minutes. 
  • The entire school year has been planned out related to the rotation schedule. See link to the calendar for the year: 2018 - 2019 Rotation Schedule
  • Classes start at 8am. I can't emphasize this enough, students need to be at school no later than 7:55.
Improvements around WHS
New Warrior Wellness Center - Waldwick High School recognizes the increasing need for interventions and resources to address the social/emotional needs of our student population. Over the last few years we have been talking about the importance of mental health and helping students manage life stressors. Last year we introduced the idea of Stigma Free within the high school, as well as the Waldwick community. Our goal is that the Warrior Wellness Center will provide:

Counseling (Individual, Group and Family)
Psycho-Educational Resources
Community Based Resources and Referrals
Intervention and Referral Services (I&RS)
Substance Abuse Prevention/Intervention/Education
Mindfulness Education

The Warrior Wellness Center is available to all students, families and faculty. The Center is located adjacent to the guidance counselor's offices. Students are welcome to stop by during the school day with a pass from a teacher or during lunch. Parents are encouraged to schedule an appointment through email or phone via their guidance counselor.

Cameras around the building - We now have 85+ cameras up and running around the entire complex. 

New Epson Interact Boards - four new boards/projects were installed over the summer. Rooms 138, 141, 143 & 300 

No Homework Breaks will be back again
Once again we will have "NO Homework Breaks" throughout the school year. These breaks are needed to allow students to relax from the stress of school work and enjoy time with friends and family. I encourage everyone during these breaks to use this time to have family dinners, plan a game night, go to the movies, read just for the enjoyment of it, or anything
that might put a smile on your faces.

Breaks with No Homework

  • Teacher Convention 11/8 - 11/9
  • Holiday Break 12/24 - 1/1
  • Winter Break 2/15 - 2/18 
  • Spring Break 4/19 - 4/26

Things to do before September
Complete all of the "Forms" required in Genesis Parent Access - What Forms
Seniors that plan on parking on campus need to complete the Parking Permit Application. Seniors will be able to pick up their parking pass on August 29 & 30 from 8am to 1pm as long as all online forms have been submitted in Genesis.

Staying connected to WHS

Order your PE Uniform - WHS PE Uniforms Ordering

Important Dates
School Pictures - Wednesday, September 12
Back to School Night - Thursday, September 27
Financial Aid Night - Tuesday, October 10

All students are to report to their Period 1 class on Wednesday, September 5, by 8am. All students should bring their Chromebook fully charged.

Enjoy this last week of the summer!


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