New Staff at WHS - Maggie Hart

Maggie Hart - Special Services

I asked each new staff member to answer a few questions about themselves.  

Can you tell us a little bit about your background?
I grew up in New Canaan, CT with my younger brother and sister. After graduating high school I attended the University of Delaware where I majored in Foreign Language and Literature with a concentration in history and Spanish. Upon finishing up my degree my now husband, Nick, and I decided to move to Oahu, Hawaii. While in paradise, I attended Hawaii Pacific University where I received my Masters degree in secondary education. After teaching in Hawaii and living there for five years we decided it was time to move back to be closer to our families. It feels great to be back in NJ!

What made you choose Education as a career? 
I picked education as a career because I always want to help people and see everyone succeed. It seemed like a natural choice. I had many amazing teachers growing up that had a big influence on my life. As a teacher, you get to be creative and inventive while at the same time providing a positive learning environment for the students. I received my teaching certification in Hawaii in both Social Studies and Special Education. I believe that I absolutely made the correct career choice and love being in the classroom.

What appealed to you about Waldwick High School?
I really liked Waldwick's sense of community. Waldwick High School provides a very positive environment to work and learn. Each person that I have met so far has been extremely kind, knowledgeable and genuinely interested in helping each other in any way necessary. Everyone is very dedicated to the success of the students and school as a whole. I am looking forward to working here!

Tell us something interesting about yourself?
While growing up I was a horseback rider and played field hockey.


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