March Students of the Month

Congratulation to the March 
Students of the Month

TYLER DIAMOND - Tyler is currently a student in 11th Grade, Period 5 Physical Education Class.  He has an outstanding, positive attitude during his time spent in class.  His positive attitude is seen through his strong work ethic during his participation in PE class.  Tyler is always well behaved, courteous, and respectful to other students.  Due to his performance mentally and physically, it is the PE/Health Department’s pleasure to choose him for this month’s Student of The Month.

JAMES PIZAPPI - Jimmy comes to class with attitude - the serious kind you see on the field or in the workplace.  He understands the strategies and tools of TV Production and presents stories and subjects in a unique way for his audience to enjoy.  Jimmy works independently and collaborates well with fellow students, especially his co-producer.  Jimmy's strength is not limited to one area.  He uses the camera, edits, reports and produces at an exceptional and confident level.
MICHAEL ARCHER - Mike is an outstanding role model to all of the players on the tennis team.  He works hard and has a stellar attitude. Mike is playing third singles and we expect great things from him.  Most importantly, Mike is a conscientious student while excelling in three different varsity sports this year.  He exhibits great character and desire and is the embodiment of a successful student-athlete.