Drunk Driving Simulation

       Juniors and seniors took part in a drunk driving simulation during their Physical Education classes on Tuesday and Wednesday, June 3 and 4.  This demonstration was presented in conjunction with the Waldwick Police Department.  Special thanks to all Physical Education teachers, Detective Sergeant Seifert and Officer Goodell for their help in making this program so successful.   


  1. This is an excellent approach in raising awareness among your students. With these simulations and demonstrations, they would see and feel for themselves the precarious consequences of drunk driving – that should make them think twice about hitting the road while under the influence of alcohol. I hope many of your students took part in this program, and this method will help diminish the percentage of teenagers who risk driving drunk. Cheers!

    Roman Barnes @ J & J Law

  2. I commend you for raising the awareness of your students about DUI, Kevin. I hope many of them participated in the event. It’s better to ingrain this value in their minds while they’re young, rather than let them grow up reckless and blinded from its consequences, until it’s too late. Kudos to you and your police department’s community, for working hand-in-hand to make this happen. Until next time!

    Kim Hunter

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