AP Testing

Advanced Placement testing will begin on Monday, May 4.  

Morning test takers need to check-in by 8 AM and report directly to the Greenberg Center. 
Afternoon test takers taking Psychology (5/4) and Macroeconomics (5/14) need to check-in by 12:20 PM.   The afternoon Physics (5/6) Exam will begin at 11:45 AM.  All afternoon testing will take place in the Greenberg Center.  

Students taking morning exams will be excused from classes until 12:10.  Students testing in the afternoon will be excused at 11:20 for lunch.  

Testing Schedule 

Monday, 5/4
Chemistry AM (3 hours & 15 minutes)
Psychology PM (2 hours)

Tuesday, 5/5
Calculus AM (3 hours & 15 minutes)

Wednesday, 5/6
English Literature AM (3 hours)
Physics PM (3 hours)

Thursday, 5/7
Spanish Language AM (3 hours & 15 minutes)

Friday, 5/8
US History AM (3 hours & 15 minutes)
Studio Art PM

Monday, 5/11
Biology AM (3 hours)

Wednesday, 5/13
English Language AM (3 hours & 15 minutes)

Thursday, 5/14
Macroeconomics PM (2 hours & 10 minutes) 

What to bring:
  • 2 sharpened #2 pencils and a blue or black pen
  • A graphic calculator for Calculus, Chemistry and Physics

What NOT to bring:
  • Cell phones, smart watches or any other electronic devices 
  • Food or drink
  • Books, backpacks, scratch paper, highlighters, dictionary

Be on time.  Once the test begins, students will not be allowed to enter the testing room.