From the Classroom - Bergen County Sheriff Forensics Department Visits WHS

Guest post for Mr. Opderbeck, Social Studies Teacher @ Waldwick High School 

On Friday, January 24, the Bergen County Sheriff’s Department offered the students of Waldwick a glimpse into the world of forensics and crime solving.  First, Bergen County detectives provided an interactive instructional presentation centered on crime solving techniques such as fingerprint analysis, DNA processing, ballistics, and hair/fiber examination.   The detectives discussed real world cases that have been solved in recent years using high tech forensics methods.  After the enlightening presentation, the students were able to tour the mobile forensics lab, which houses advanced forensic processing equipment.  It was truly an exciting hands-on learning experience for our Criminal Procedure students.

We would like to thank the Bergen County Sheriff’s Department for their willingness to reach out to students in Bergen County, including our own in Waldwick High School.  We also thank the Waldwick Police Department, especially Officer David Passaretti, for setting up this great educational experience.