From the Classroom - Global project on the Great Depression

Guest post by Waldwick High School Social Studies Teacher Amanda Fernicola

As our society develops, the use of the internet and social media becomes more important each day.  Through Twitter, a social media site, two educators from New Jersey and one from Michigan have decided to create an online global project on the Great Depression. Amanda Fernicola (@MissFernicola ) from Waldwick High School in New Jersey, Dana Sirotiak ( @Sirotiak02 ) from Hackensack High School in New Jersey and David Fouch (@davidfouch ) from Forest Hills Northern High School in Michigan have developed a research-based project for students in US History 2 classes to complete using Google Presentations.

The students in US History 2 have been broken into groups consisting of students from all three schools to work on the project. The project will ask students to research how specific areas of the United States were affected by the Great Depression. Students will be asked to describe the social, political and economic impact on the Great Plains and the East Coast. 

Prior to the students beginning their research, students and educators from all three schools will have participated in a Google Hangout on January 9, 2014. By using a Google Hangout students were able to meet each other and the other educators virtually. Students asked each other some cultural questions along with having the educators discuss the project details and requirements. While the students and educators participated in the Google Hangout, the TV production class from Waldwick High School recorded the event for an entry into a contest to win a trip to the White House.

For two weeks in January, students will be given some time in class to work on their project. Since students will be using Google Presentations to create their project, they will be able to work on the project at any time because the project is saved online using their Google account. Once the project is completed, students will present their projects to their respective classes. As students complete the assignment, they will be asked to complete a self-reflection on their performance and the overall assignment.