From the Classroom - Mr. Apap's students get to observe Neurosurgery

Recently, 34 students in Mr. Apap’s Anatomy & Physiology classes traveled to Liberty Science Center to witness a program called “Live from…” The students and chaperons were able to observe Neurosurgery on a 42 year old woman complaining of loss of movement in her neck and severe pain and numbness down her left arm.  The group watched as two surgeons worked effortlessly to expose the vertebrae in the patient's neck, remove the damaged cartilage and replace the cartilage with donated bone tissue and fuse the area.  This would result in the woman, while having restricted movement of her neck, enjoy a pain-free life.  The group was amazed at how small an incision was made and how little bleeding there was.  All came away with a new perspective on what benefits can be gained by today’s medical advances and procedures.