New Staff @ WHS - Jeffrey Dodd

It is my pleasure to introduce Jeffrey Dodd to the Waldwick community. Mr. Dodd will be a great addition to our Science Department as a Biology teacher. We are very excited to have him as part of WHS.

Can you tell us a little bit about your background?

I have lived all over Northern New Jersey, went to Ramapo College for my Bachelors of Science and then to Montclair State for my Masters in Education.

What made you choose Education as a career?
We'll I sort of fell into it and before doing so, I had no idea I would love it. I was asked to be a tutor in college, then picked up more classes building up to a supplemental instructor as the years went by. This is where I fell in love with teaching as I had my own class. Moving on to my Masters, I taught as a graduate assistant, and following that, spent a little time as an adjunct professor. I have been teaching in one form or another in the classroom for nearly eight years and find that I can always learn something new from colleagues, administration, or students. I would have to say education chose me and I have stayed because of the people.

What appealed to you about Waldwick High School?
Being a part of a community that comes together means a lot more than most people realize. Simply going to a sports game and seeing other teachers there, seeing students and parents packing the stands really lets you know that you are working towards something bigger than yourself.

Tell us something interesting about yourself? 
If you were to ask me who I am or what I like to do, I would describe myself as an avid outdoors man, filmmaker, educator and new father. So, over this past summer (July, 2018) I had my baby girl and I look forward to the future of making movies about her, teaching her about science and the world and hopefully getting her interested in hiking or mountain biking as she gets a little older.