PayForIt directions - Chromebook Damage Protection

How to make your payment for the Chromebook Damage Protection.

The link below are directions on how to setup your account and make payment using

There are two things you need when you are setting up your account.  Student ID #, which can be found in Genesis and the method of payment.  

Below are some screen shots and directions related to the PayForIt site.  

This is the Home screen for PayForit.  Click on the "Sign up for an Account".

Register your account.  This is parent/guardian information. 

Provide payment info.  Credit cards and online checks accepted. 

Check your email for the confirmation number. 

Enter your user name and confirmation code to activate your account.  Once you click "Activate", you will see a statement in red appear. Go back to the home page or click on the Login button on top of the page. 

Once you log back in, click on the tab labeled "Add/View Students". 

Register your child.  You will need to know their Student ID #, which is available in Genesis (Parent Access) on the summary screen.  Do not use the state ID. 

Once you see your child(s) name appear as registered, you then can click on the "Fees" tab and "Make Fee Payment". 

  • You will see your child(s) name
  • Click the green “+” icon to the right of the Laptop Use Fee
  • Click “Review and Pay”
  • Select Payment Method, then click “Process Payment”

    Parents/Guardians will receive a receipt via email when payment is complete.

    Any questions or problems please email or call me.